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About Labor

For more than a century, the Australian Labor Party has been a strong advocate of equality, fairness, growth and reform in Australia.

Modern NT Labor

Clare Martin led the Australian Labor Party to its first Northern Territory electoral victory in August 2001, and to a second victory in June 2005.

As Chief Minister, Martin immediately made significant changes including the introduction of secondary education in the bush and freedom of information legislation – areas which had been ignored under the CLP’s 27-year rule.

The former Chief Minister Paul Henderson replaced Clare Martin in November 2007.

Paul Henderson and his team were instrumental in delivering major projects and delivering good outcomes across education and health throughout the Territory.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner MLA won the 2016 election returning Labor to Power. Michael is a born and bred Territorian.

Young Labor NT

Young Labor is the youth branch of the Labor party for anyone under 30. Membership is $5 and in such a small jurisdiction the opportunity for young people to make a difference in a political arena couldn’t be more apparent. Young Labor NT has produced Territory Members Michael Gunner, Natasha Fyles as well as South Australian MP’s Nick Champion and Zoe Bettison

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Labor Women

Northern Territory Labor Women is an inclusive network that aims to encourage and activate Labor women in the NT.

We work closely with other community groups, feminist organisations and the National Labor Women’s Network and hold regular meetings and events for women wanting to get involved in the Labor movement.  

Northern Territory Labor Women believe that one of the best ways to achieve sound policy outcomes that support women in the NT is to encourage women to participate in the ALP, processes of government and in public life.


Federal Labor

Party Members

As a grassroots community organisation, Party members are the core of the Labor Party. Party members and local branches play a central role in innovative policy development and passionately working in the community to spread labor values.

State Branches

Just as Australia is a nation of federated states, Australian Labor is a Party of federated branches from every State and Territory. Each State branch provides organisational support for the local branches and electorate councils of that State working closely with the State Labor Parliamentary Groups.

National Executive

National Executive is the chief administrative body of the Australian Labor Party between National Conferences. The National Executive is directly elected by delegates at the National Conference. The National Presidents, National Secretary, the leader of the Federal Labor Parliamentary Group and State Secretaries all sit on the National Executive, usually as non-voting members unless otherwise elected as a delegate.

National President

As Chair of both the National Conference and the National Executive, the President has an important role. The National President and two National Vice-Presidents of the Australian Labor Party are directly elected by the Party Membership every three years. They are elected to lead Labor in an honorary position over a three-year period between National Conferences.

National Secretariat

The National Secretary oversees the running of the National Secretariat, which is the organisational head office of the Australian Labor Party. As the Australian Labor Campaign Director for federal elections the National Secretary plays a critical role in electing Labor Governments. The National Secretariat provides support to all State Branches and Party Units.

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