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18 July 2016 - Territory Labor Leader Michael Gunner today announced plans to support Indigenous Rangers protect the environment and create jobs right across the Northern Territory.


Mr Gunner said Territory Labor understands the crucial frontline role Indigenous Rangers play in understanding and protecting valuable ecosystems and providing employment opportunities for Indigenous Territorians in their own communities.


“Our $14m plan will provide jobs on country, improve our knowledge of the Territory environment and the best way to protect it and give local Indigenous Territorians more say over their land and their future,” Mr Gunner said.


“We want to give ranger groups the state of the art technology and tools they need to do their job, the legislative recognition and support they deserve and additional funds to forge for new and innovative employment and conservation partnerships.


“Our ecosystems are under threat from the effects of climate change and recent coral bleaching and mangrove death events are extremely concerning given their importance for our environment but also the economic opportunity they provide through our tourism and fishing industries.


“The work of ranger groups is crucial if we are to understand the impacts of climate change and create new and innovative ways to give our ecosystems the best chance to adapt.”


A Territory Labor Government will:

  • Provide $4.1m for one off capital grants of up to $100,000 for Indigenous ranger groups to help with the purchase of essential items like vehicles, boats and radio and communications equipment;
  • Establish a land management and conservation fund of $2m per year to improve conservation practices on Aboriginal lands and sea country, and support Indigenous ranger groups;
  • Amend the Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act to specifically recognise the role of Indigenous ranger groups in managing for conservation across large areas of the NT;
  • Provide $500,000 per annum to establish an Indigenous carbon unit within Government to deliver carbon abatement and economic development on Indigenous land.


“Recent reports that the CLP’s Commonwealth Indigenous Affairs Minister plans to drastically cut the Indigenous ranger program are extremely concerning.


“Territorians simply can’t trust Adam Giles and the CLP to back Indigenous rangers and protect our unique environment.”


MEDIA CONTACT: Cameron Angus 0404 021 192






 18 July 2016 - Territory Labor Leader, Michael Gunner, said Adam Giles and the CLP have released an unfunded, uncosted policy on housing which proves they can’t be trusted to deliver in the bush.


“Territorians simply can't trust Adam Giles and the CLP to deliver on housing when they haven’t put a single Territory dollar towards it,” Mr Gunner said.


“The CLP has built one new house in two years, and with just six weeks to go before a Territory election, they release a policy with no information as to where the money is coming from.


“Indigenous Territorians living in remote communities deserve better.

“In sharp contrast – Territory Labor announced in December 2015 a fully costed policy to deliver more houses and rooms in the bush. At $1.1 billion dollars of Territory funds, our remote housing policy remains the biggest commitment in the history of any Territory Government if we are elected.

“Labor recognises that the Northern Territory does not have the budget capacity alone to achieve the outcomes required in this area and we will be seeking Australian Government support, in addition to Territory Labor’s $1.1 billion commitment. We believe this is an investment in nation building.


“To successfully argue the case for increased investment from the Australian Government, Labor believes the Territory Government needs to bring some real funds and commitment to the table and that’s what our policy does.


“Labor has also committed to returning control over housing back to locals. Local control means local control. Aboriginal people will control the building of housing, repairs and maintenance and housing allocations.


“We will work in partnership with locals to ensure they receive the training and jobs from our commitment to remote housing.  


“Territory Labor’s commitment is fully funded and will be a reality if we are fortunate to be elected in August. The CLP’s commitment is uncosted, unfunded and unbelievable.

“This latest desperate and deceitful effort from Adam Giles shows he simply can’t be trusted to deliver on remote housing.”


MEDIA CONTACT: Gino Luglietti - 0401 119 794



18 July 2016 - Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Lauren Moss, called on the CLP and the Chief Minister to stop their hurtful and damaging xenophobic rants.


Ms Moss said that while both parties are committed to taking in refugees, today the Chief Minister’s added qualifier that they should be selected based on faith creates a divide, perpetuates fear and promotes segregation.


“The Chief Minister is damaging the Territory’s reputation as one of the most successful multicultural locations in the world,” said Ms Moss.


“The Chief Minister’s comments should be condemned.”


Adam Giles and the CLP have a history of xenophobic comments which only serve destroy our Territory spirt.


“So the sting in the tail, we're taking potential dongas, we're taking potential demountables off disabled kids in Alice Springs to house scum asylum seekers in Christmas Island.”

Opposition Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Adam Giles – NT Parliament House, October 2009


“I think there is a high degree of xenophobia, but I think that is part of the Australian spirit.”

Chief Minister, Adam Giles – ABC Lateline, 1 June 2016


A Coalition (COUNTRY LIBERAL PARTY) MP in a marginal seat junked her how-to-vote cards on election eve, telling voters to direct preferences to the far-right, anti-multicultural Rise Up Australia Party.

ABC Online, 2 July 2016


“I said we'd be happy to take some of those persecuted Syrian women and families who were from a non-Muslim background.”

Chief Minister, Adam Giles – Mix FM, 18 July 2016


Media contact: Gino Luglietti – 0401 119 794



17 July 2016 - A Gunner Labor government will boost the tourism industry in the Northern Territory with initiatives designed to:

  • Boost Asian tourist numbers and
  • Renew, refresh and create interesting tourist attractions.


Labor will invest an additional $5 million over two years into a push to bring more tourists from China and India to the Territory.


This money will be spent on:

  • Research into the Asian market and its travellers needs
  • A focussed effort to gain direct flights from China
  • A grants program that allows business to prepare themselves to be Asian market focussed.


It is estimated that in the next 15 years an additional 200 million Chinese people will travel overseas. At the moment the Territory sees very few of these visitors. This must change.


Additionally, Indian tourist numbers are growing worldwide. Already Indian visitors constitute one of the largest groups of visitors through the Darwin Airport.


The Territory’s Indian community is growing in number and they have a role to play in promoting the Territory back home.


As part of this commitment to Asia, we will bring back the Arafura Games, and engage with Asia to make the event as big and effective as possible.


Labor will also boost tourism attractions by investing $100 million in a nationally Iconic Indigenous Arts Trail across the Territory.


The Indigenous Arts Trail will include:

  • $50M for the Iconic National Indigenous Art Gallery in Alice Springs.
  • $20M an Iconic National Indigenous Cultural Centre in Alice Springs
  • $30M for Gallery Wings in Katherine, Tennant Creek and Arnhemland
  • Linking Community Galleries
  • Capital Grants for Community Galleries


In Alice Springs, Labor will build an iconic and internationally recognised building to host the nation’s indigenous art gallery.


The Arts Trail will be a truly unique experience, which will set the Territory apart from anywhere else in the world and bring international tourists to every part of the Territory.


Labor will also develop a Museum Masterplan that will replace the Bullocky Point museum facility with new museums based in the CBD.


The tourism industry has a high turnover of staff, so Labor will also support an increase of capacity within the tourism workforce by investing in training, particularly for Indigenous guides.


Labor will also promote the tourism industry as a potential career for young Territorians looking to enter the workforce to ensure we have a strong tourism workforce for years to come.


The long-term future of the tourism industry is absolutely essential to the economic prosperity of the Northern Territory and Labor’s commitment is testament to that.


We will therefore continue to lobby the Turnbull Government to axe its “Backpacker Tax”, which is fundamentally bad for Territory tourism and agriculture.



MEDIA CONTACT: Cameron Angus 0404 021 192





12 July 2016 - Territory Labor has today released our commitment to motorsport in the Northern Territory.


Motorsport is a big part of the Territory lifestyle. Clubs and facilities operate across the Territory, and in all of our major centres. That is why Labor is making this important announcement.


There are 10,000 licensed motorsport competitors, pit crew, volunteers and officials in the Territory, as well as 150,000 participants and spectators annually. It’s one of the biggest sports and economic drivers here in the Territory.


Labor’s commitment will deliver broader funding for Territory motorsport, as well as specific commitments for Alice Springs, Katherine and Tennant Creek.

A Labor Government will:

  • Replace the 50-year-old administration facilities at Hidden Valley, which are being used for Motorsports House, with a new structure with a lower viewing balcony, 1st floor corporate area and 2nd floor administration facilities worth $6 million.
  • Deliver $1.3 million for the Hidden Valley Drag Racing Association, for the upgrade of lighting to LED and added cover breaking area.
  • Deliver $1 million to the Top End Motor Cross Club for track lighting within Motor Cycling Australia lighting requirements and reduced expenditure of hire lighting and generators.
  • Contribute $500,000 to the Finke Desert Race Masterplan, including improvements to the finishing straight, rainwater tanks, a multipurpose shed and improved lighting facilities.
  • Install ring main and separate mains along with toilet facilities at Katherine Motor Sports Complex, worth $1 million.
  • Install a permanent clubhouse, race control tower and canteen facilities to replace existing containers at the Central Australian Drag Racing Association, valued at $1.6million.
  • Upgrade of safety walls, fencing, lighting at the Tennant Creek Speedway worth $1.65million to enable compliance with National Speedway Association safety requirements.
  • Deliver $2 million annually over 4 years to Motorsport NT.
  • An appropriate parcel of Crown Land to be leased to the Alice Springs Rally Club.

The previous Labor Government strongly supported Territory motorsports and delivered upgrades to Hidden Valley worth tens of millions of dollars, including upgrades to the dragstrip worth $4million, as well as our continued support of the Hidden Valley leg of the V8 Supercars.

If elected, my government will continue to support the motorsport industry across the Territory.

A yearly breakdown of Labor’s additional funding, on top of the ongoing funding to Motorsport NT, is below:

  2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
Upgrading Motorsport across the Territory   $6.55m $6.5m

MEDIA CONTACT: Cameron Angus   0404 021 192




5 July 2016 - Labor Leader Michael Gunner has announced that a Labor Government will invest almost $40 million over five years to develop the Darwin Middle and High Schools as the leading science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) schools.


Mr Gunner said Labor would equip the schools to provide nation leading learning in the rapidly evolving new technologies that would see students graduating highly skilled and ready to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.


“A Labor Government will work with the school community to make this campus the focus of the Territory’s efforts to drive advanced STEAM learning across the Territory through the onsite Northern Territory School of Distance Education (NTSDE), and place the school at the forefront of a Labor Government’s push into international education,” Mr Gunner said.


“The Darwin Middle and High School campus have more than 2000 students from Darwin and Palmerston and easily 200 staff. It has outgrown its capacity and now needs proper investment to give students the best possible chance of learning.


“Labor wants to see the students at this school graduating with advanced skills preparing them to tackle the 21st century with all of its challenges, ready for further education and skilled work as future leaders of our industry and our community,” Michael Gunner said.


Darwin High School Chair and leading Territory architect, Hully Liveris, joined Opposition Leader Michael Gunner to welcome today’s announcement.


“The master plan is well overdue and urgently needed to address future education needs,” Mr Liveris said.


“The world of education, information and technology and societal expectations has moved significantly in multiple of directions in recent years and consequently the infrastructure needs to be adapted in order to cope with, reflect and predict these extraordinary changes.

“This master plan allows for the first time a whole of site assessment to enable the considered evolution and development of the Bullocky Point Education Precinct as a key focal point for education in the Top End of Australia as well as Asia.

“The master plan adopts a collegiate approach which encourages the interaction of the faculties grouped around and along tropical breezeways, outdoors rooms, and


courtyards which sensitively consider this unique peninsular headland setting,” Mr Liveris said.


Territory Labor’s plans will see:

  1. $15 million to modernise Blocks A and B with a new central library and Fabrication Laboratory able to teach and train students in cutting edge technology, engineering, robotics and science. This would be Stage One. 
  2. $12 million to the Darwin Middle School for a multipurpose hall for the school. This would be Stage Two. 
  3. Stage 3 with $12 million for student accommodation provided on site to expand the school’s international reach and to provide accommodation for bush students undertaking NTSDE programs. 

This will provide an important facility to progress both the Labor Government’s remote education plans as well as our international education plans.

“This investment is part of Labor’s plans to grow jobs now and into the future,” Mr Gunner said.


“It will create construction industry jobs building this school. We will train our young people for future smart jobs when our employment looks very different from today and we will launch a real plan for growing international education, which all experts agree is an important direction for the future of our economy.


“Most importantly this investment will prepare our students for more up to date learning, better outcomes and a better future,” Michael Gunner said. 



Media contact: Gino Luglietti – 0401 119 794



26 June 2016 - Territory Labor, Michael Gunner, today outlined plans to create more jobs and improve transport services by encouraging ride sharing services like Uber to operate in the Territory.


Labor Leader Michael Gunner said Territorians deserve a Government that will unlock the economic opportunities the digital and sharing economy present for the Northern Territory.


“The CLP’s head in the sand approach to Uber has failed consumers, failed the commercial passenger vehicle industry and is costing the Territory jobs,” Mr Gunner said.


“We understand that Territorians want the choice, flexibility and convenience ride sharing services like Uber provide.


“But we also understand the many legitimate issues the entry of new players into this market poses for the broader commercial passenger vehicle industry.


“That’s why at the heart of our 5 point plan are the key principles of a fair go for new and existing operators and their workers, and the safety and convenience of Territorians who use these services.


“We will ensure all Territorians and stakeholders have the chance to have their say before we introduce legislation into parliament in 2017.


“The choice for Territorians is clear - if you want Uber, vote Territory Labor.”



Media Contact: Gino Luglietti 0401 119 794


29 May 2016 - Territory Labor Leader, Michael Gunner, today announced that a Territory Labor Government will build an indoor netball complex consisting of four courts with one being of a national standard.


“Netball is one of the largest participation sports in the Territory and that’s why if elected, Labor will invest $10 million which will deliver four more courts, one of which will be up to a national standard,” Mr Gunner said.


“Just over 3000 Territorians play netball and that figure continues to grow each year.


“In line with Labor’s approach of listening and consulting, we will work with Netball NT and all netball clubs to ensure we put forward the best plan possible by engaging with the experts.”


Mr Gunner said that today’s announcement is also about targeting high level netball games to be featured in the Territory.

“Territorians expect high level netball games and with a national grade court Territorians will have the opportunity to witness more netball games of a national standard than ever before,” Mr Gunner said.

Mr Gunner said that today’s announcement will also boost local business and support jobs as it will be delivered in conjunction with labors strong ‘buy local’ policy.


“It’s not enough just to create a policy called ‘buy local’ and then let work go intestate, like we have seen with the CLP,” Mr Gunner said.

“Our buy local policy will actually result in more locals getting the work which is not only the right thing to do, but is economically sound. Every dollar we keep in the Territory supports our economy and keeps it moving forward.”


This commitment to Netball NT is part of Labor’s additional $100 million stimulus.



Media contact: Gino Luglietti 0401 119 794


25 May 2016 - Labor Leader Michael Gunner today outlined his alternative 2016 Territory Budget saying a Labor Government will grow jobs, invest in children and restore integrity to government.




Michael Gunner said that growing Territory jobs is an urgent task for any Government elected in August.


“We have seen a loss of jobs across the Territory with worse to come when the Inpex construction phase is finished.


“To grow jobs Labor will:


  1. Get money flowing through the local economy.
  2. Create certainty through proper planning and stable, competent Government.
  3. Restore confidence by listening to Territorians and delivering tangible results.


Michael Gunner has said that the Labor Government will get the money flowing through the Territory economy by:


  • injecting an additional $100 million into infrastructure spending;
  • providing Territorians buying their first home with a $34 000 windfall to reinvest into the Territory economy; and
  • An extra $5 million over two years to boost Government efforts to attract tourists from China and India.


“The Territory economy is in a deep hole. We are losing jobs. When we lose jobs, we lose people interstate.


“Labor will create jobs right across the Territory. Labor’s infrastructure investment will be focussed on repairs and maintenance and small works projects.


“This stimulus will be implemented with Labor’s tough Buy Local policy making sure that the jobs stay local.



Michael Gunner said that Labor’s infrastructure stimulus projects will be announced over the coming months but will include:


  • $20 million injected immediately into Labor’s Room to Breathe NT that will provide more outdoor living spaces, verandahs and granny flats on existing lots;
  • $10 million for the Iconic National Arts Gallery Trail in East Arnhem and $10 million for the expansion of the Art Gallery and Cultural centre in Katherine;
  • upgrading Marrara Stadium with $700 000 provided for upgraded women’s facilities providing strong support for growing women’s sport;
  • $5 million per year for ablution blocks, scoreboards and shading for ovals in remote communities;
  • $5 million for an upgrade of sports and recreation facilities in Tennant Creek; and
  • Lights at the Gardens oval and Nightcliff oval.






Michael Gunner also announced $34 000 for first home buyers across the Territory.


Michael Gunner said the introduction of a first home buyers package was designed to reduce the cost of living for first home buyers, getting them to invest in the Territory and stimulating the Territory housing and building industry.


“Under Labor’s plan, the first $500 000 of any existing home purchased by a first home buyer will be exempt from stamp duty. This will be capped at homes valued at $650 000.


“This will result in first home buyers saving $24 000 in costs.


“Additionally, first home buyers purchasing an existing home will be eligible for a $10 000 first home owners renovation package that can be spent on renovations and the purchase of white goods and household furniture (up to $2000), provided those purchases are made in local stores.


“First home buyers purchasing a new home will retain the current $26 000 grant, and in addition to this, will receive $2 000 for purchase of white goods and furniture, provided those purchases are made in local stores.


“This package will be available for two years and will result in jobs being created right across the small contractors industry,” Michael Gunner said.






Michael Gunner said that tourism will be an important part of stimulating more jobs in the Territory.


“We have to take advantage of the low Australian dollar. Right now, Darwin airport is reporting fewer international arrivals. We have to address this.


“Labor will add $5 million over the next two years to add to funds targeting Chinese tourists. We also want to spread that focus to Indian tourists - who are now a large part of our international arrivals.


“We believe that India has been ignored in our push into Asia and it is now important to include this fast growing economy into our sight.”






Michael Gunner has repeated his commitment to investing in children and the early childhood years.


“I said a Labor Government will be defined by its commitment to children, and I mean it.


“Labor will extend the Nurse Family Partnership Program with an additional $8 million over 4 years. This will see more Child Health nurses and more home visits from nurses to newly pregnant women. This program has been successful in reducing parental smoking, fewer injuries for children, improved home environments and closer monitoring of child progress and welfare.


“Labor will also re-invest an additional $124 million into Territory schools over four years beginning on January 1, 2017. This will consist of:

  • $20 million per year directly into school budgets to replace teachers cut by the CLP;
  • $8 million per year into early intervention, behaviour management and disability support in schools;
  • $2 million per year to create a program of school sport, arts and health across the Territory; and
  • $1 million per year to support schools with Business Managers so Principals can focus on their role as education leaders, instead of administration work.






Michael Gunner said that restoring trust and integrity to government is the third goal of a Labor Government.


“No one needs to be told of the scandals that have beset this Government.


“Four years of the CLP’s dodgy deals, jobs for mates and an arrogant disdain for transparency and accountability has seen Territorians’ trust in Government hit rock bottom.


“Labor will introduce a Northern Territory Independent Commission Against Corruption.


It will:

  • Be independent from Government;
  • Have broad ranging and self-referral powers;
  • Have the power to compel witnesses and documentation;
  • Have the power to investigate matters which took place prior to its establishment.


“We also understand that restoring trust in Government requires tackling the perception that large donations influence important public policy considerations, that private interest can trump the public interest.


“Over the coming weeks I will announce the most comprehensive reforms to electoral donation laws in the Territory’s history.


“These reforms will give Territorians the confidence that the public interest, and not the size of your wallet, determines public policy in the Northern Territory,” Michael Gunner said.






Media contact: Gino Luglietti – 0401 119 794



21 May 2016 - Territory Labor Leader, Michael Gunner, today outlined to the Australian Education Union Annual Conference that a Labor Government will reverse the CLP cuts to education and teachers by funding more teachers, increasing teacher and student support services and building better schools by making education and the future of our kids a priority of his Government.

Mr Gunner said a Labor Government will also introduce Community Led Schools in remote indigenous communities reversing the CLP’s indigenous education review, introduce a new School Principal Leadership training program, invest in challenging high achieving students and provide teacher mentors for new teachers in their early years on the job.


Michael Gunner also reaffirmed Labor’s plans to invest an additional $124 million into Territory education with an extra $31 million put into the education budget on 1 January, 2017.


“Under Labor, education and our kids will always come first, unlike with the CLP who can’t be trusted with education,” Mr Gunner said.

“One of the fundamental principles underlying the CLP Government’s Indigenous Education Review is the centralisation of decision making away from communities and schools in a range of areas. Labor will reverse this,” Mr Gunner said.

“We will devolve the decision making in remote schools back to communities. We will introduce community led schools with local school boards made up of community members leading schools. We believe that unless indigenous people living in remote communities have a genuine say in how their schools operate, the Territory will always suffer disconnection between the system and the people.


Michael Gunner said that Labor’s additional $124 million investment in schools would provide:

  • $20 million per year over four years from 1 January 2017 directly into school budgets enabling 164 more teachers to be employed across the Territory.
  • $8  million per year over four years to improve support services, resources and staff to tackle poor student behaviour and support students with disabilities in our schools
  • $2 million per year over four years to create a program of school sport, arts and health across the Territory.
  • $1 million per year to support schools with Business Managers so Principals have more time to focus on educational leadership, supporting staff and students and working their community.


“I am also announcing today that Labor will invest in developing a leading program for School Principal training. School leadership is a critical part of improving student results. I intend to provide a training program for aspiring school leaders that will prepare them for the tough job of being a School Principal,” Michael Gunner said.


“Labor will also upgrade the support given to new teachers in the early years of their career by providing a strong mentoring program.”


The Labor Leader said that the Labor Government will also invest in supporting the Territory’s high achievers.


“By challenging and pushing our high achievers we believe we will improve results right across the school,” Michael Gunner said.


“Labor’s announcement’s this week and particularly today spell out a major investment in the Territory’s schools that will reverse the CLP’s savage cuts and provide strong schools, good outcomes and great opportunity.”


For more details, you can view or download a copy of the ‘Strong Schools, Good Outcomes, Great Opportunity’ document here: www.territorylabor.com.au/Portals/territorylabor/StrongSchoolsGoodOutcomesGreatOpportunity.pdf




Media Contact: Gino Luglietti 0401 119 794




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