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Recreational Fishing Snags $50 Million Investment
Recreational Fishing Snags $50 Million Investment

5 March 2016 - Territory Labor leader Michael Gunner today announced if elected, Labor would invest more than $50 million in recreational fishing infrastructure during its first term.


“Recreational fishing is an iconic part of the Top End’s lifestyle,” Mr Gunner said.


“It’s an important reason for many Territorians to stay here and continue their investment in the Territory.


Good recreational fishing is important for the tourism industry and is a jobs generator particularly in the more remote areas.


“Assisting sound economic development of remote areas through the use of partnerships with Aboriginal Territorians is core Labor thinking.


“In our first term Labor will commit $50 million to the development of much needed and improved recreational fishing infrastructure.


“We will directly engage with the recreational fishing community to advise on the needs and priorities of anglers.


“Recreational fishers will be engaged in drawing up a list of key projects against the expenditure, however Labor believes there is an immediate need for some projects to get underway.


These include:


  • Upgrading the Channel Island boat ramp
  • Upgrading the Middle Arm boat ramp car park
  • Install CCTV cameras and build new toilets at the Dinah Beach Boat Ramp.
  • Implementing a long term program of building artificial reefs and installing Fish Attraction Devices
  • Increasing land based fishing platforms nearer to residential areas providing improved facilities for disabled anglers and children at appropriate locations.

A Territory Labor Government will also:


  • Stock residential lakes with barramundi fingerlings
  • Provide grant funding for fishing clubs to run children’s fishing clinics
  • Work with Indigenous representative organisations and Indigenous communities to develop a Fishing NT Remote Community Prospectus of potential fishing and tourism investments.
  • Establish a grants program aimed at backing the Fishing NT Remote Community Prospectus.
  • Continue one-off tourism attraction programs such as the “Million Dollar Barra” promotion
  • Continue to negotiate improved fishing access arrangements with Traditional Owners


“Labor understands the important role that recreational fishing plays in the lives of Territorians. That’s why we will protect the environment to ensure that our fishing resources are protected as well.”


Click here for Policy document - Recreational fishing


Media Contact: Gino Luglietti 0401 119 794


8th Deputy Chief Minister Humiliates Self on Parliament Steps
8th Deputy Chief Minister Humiliates Self on Parliament Steps

The CLP’s 8th Deputy Chief Minister, Peter Styles, today called a press conference to display his spectacular economic incompetence.

“In a move that can only be described as crushingly humiliating, the CLP’s 8th Deputy Chief Minister today almost fell over himself in his haste and giddiness to endorse a report by BIS Shrapnel into Federal Labor’s Negative Gearing Policy,” said Ms Manison.

The key points here are:

  • Peter Styles is not a federal Minister,
  • Leading economic agencies have discredited the report,
  • BIS Shrapnel discredited their own report this morning, and;
  • The report mixed up the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Australia with that of New Zealand’s.


Grattan Institute chief executive John Daley said the report and its underlying assumptions, "did not pass the giggle test" and were "manifestly ridiculous".


Mr Daley went on to say that, “Voters should be asking themselves whether a responsible government would rely on this sort of nonsense in a public policy debate".


BIS Shrapnel also admitted to the Australian Financial Review this morning that “The assumptions were set several months ago, and the analysis done late last year, well before (federal) Labor announced its policy. Therefore the assumptions do not align with (federal) Labor’s policy”.


“The CLP’s 8th Deputy Chief Minister today remained unfazed when faced with the facts and held a press conference to humiliate himself, the Government and his CLP Party.


“Peter Styles today proved what Territorians already know – the CLP Government won’t let the facts get in the way of a poorly run scare campaign.”



Media Contact: Gino Luglietti 0401 119 794

Water allocations to be open, transparent and sustainable under a Labor Government
Water allocations to be open, transparent and sustainable under a Labor Government

3 March 2016 - Shadow Minister for the Environment, Gerry McCarthy, and Shadow Minister for Indigenous Policy, Ken Vowles, today pledged to return integrity, sustainability and consultation to water policy in the Northern Territory. 


Mr McCarthy said a Territory Labor Government would reject the CLP’s arrogant, dishonest and unsustainable approach to allocating water.


“Territorians are appalled by the way the CLP and former Minister Westra Van Holthe have ignored the science, refused to consult and failed to follow proper processes when allocating water,” Mr McCarthy said.


“Information recently obtained by Territory Labor shows that many aquifers are either over allocated or at the limits of their sustainable yield.


“Territory Labor’s strong track record of protecting the Daly, listening to the community and being guided by science will once again inform our approach to water policy.”


A Territory Labor Government will:

  • Ensure that mining and petroleum operations are subject to the water act and must apply for water licenses;
  • Install a "water for purpose" principle within the allocation and licensing provisions to stop over claiming of water for profit only;
  • Reinstate Strategic Indigenous Reserves and ensure specific structures are in place to guarantee Indigenous Territorians a real say in water allocation that affects their interests;
  • Conduct an independent review, at arm’s length from government, of all water licenses granted since August 2012 to see that proper process was followed;
  • Conduct an independent scientific review of all water modelling for allocation plans; and
  • Return to the consultative approach to water planning – water advisory committees, open water planning process, listening to stakeholders.


“Only a Labor Government can be trusted to allocate water in a way which secures the long-term health of our environment and the many industries that rely on it,” Mr Vowles said.


“And only a Labor Government can be trusted to do so in a way they treats all stakeholder fairly.”


Click here for Policy document – Sustainable Water Use


Media contact: Gino Luglietti – 0401 119 794


Three and a half years of CLP infighting causing Economic Slump
Three and a half years of CLP infighting causing Economic Slump

2 March 2016 - The CLP's Adam Giles has finally backflipped and admitted the Territory's economy is completely shattered and he doesn't know how to fix it.


"Two weeks ago Adam Giles said the economy was “On Track” and misspent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars advertising it. Now he’s saying we need a stimulus package because the economy has stalled," Ms Fyles said.


“Labor has consistently pointed to an economy that needed attention and that small business is hurting. The CLP’s 8th deputy Chief Minister, Peter Styles, said Labor was talking the Territory down.


“The latest building figures show that the CLP Government’s three and a half year war amongst themselves has been hurting our economy and business confidence.

“In January 2016, the trend monthly number of residential building approvals declined by 9.4% – the 4th consecutive monthly decline:

  • In the year to January 2016, residential building approvals decreased 17.2% - the largest year on year decline of all jurisdictions
  • In the year to January 2016, non-residential approvals decreased by 17.2%

“The CLP’s poor economic management, lack of policy and infighting has also impacted on:

  • Motor vehicle sales down 4.3 per cent
  • Retail trade the most sluggish in the nation
  • Job ads going through the floor 

“Adam Giles and the CLPs economic incompetence, arrogance and refusal to listen have brought the Territory economy to its knees.


“Businesses, families and all Territorians are now paying the price for the CLP’s refusal to listen, constant infighting and failed policies for three and a half years.

"Territorians know that businesses are closing and families are leaving the Territory because of the incompetence and dysfunction of Adam Giles and his CLP Government. The CLP are only concerned about themselves and jobs for their mates.

"They should have been investing in infrastructure, investing in education, investing in innovation and investing in children.


"Only Labor has the plans to invest in our kids, develop Territory infrastructure and promote local business."


Media Contact: Gino Luglietti 0401 119 794


Restoring trust for a healthy environment and a strong economy
Restoring trust for a healthy environment and a strong economy

29 February 2016 - Territory Labor Leader Michael Gunner today announced Labor’s plan to protect our unique natural assets while giving business and industry the certainty and confidence to invest.


Mr Gunner said that Territory Labor understands a healthy and intact ecosystem is the key to a sustainable economy, healthy and safe communities and ensuring future generations can experience the natural beauty and wonder the Territory has to offer.


“Protecting the environment is smart economic and social policy,” Mr Gunner said.


“Adam Giles and the CLP destroyed trust and confidence in Government to protect the environment and manage development sustainably.


“A Labor Government will restore trust and confidence in our environmental protection processes through the following reforms:


  • Transfer all environmental regulation and enforcement to the EPA and the Department of the Environment;
  • Streamline and simplify environmental regulation to provide the community, business and industry with confidence and certainty;
  • Increase transparency of mine management and environmental management plans by making them public and enforceable as conditions of operation;
  • Ensure that all significant developments, including ports, are subject to scrutiny and assessment; and
  • Ensure the community has a voice at the start of the environmental assessment process.


“A Labor Government will work constructively with business, industry, environment groups and the community to implement these reforms in a way that protects the environment and creates jobs.”


A Territory Labor Government will provide funding to key environmental groups to employ policy officers, including:

  • $100,000 per annum to the Environment Centre of the NT.
  • $100,000 per annum to the Arid Lands Environment Centre.
  • $50,000 per annum to the Environmental Defenders Office NT.


Click here for the Healthy Environment, Strong Economy policy document.


Media Contact: Gino Luglietti 0401 119 794

CLP “on track” to Owe Territory Taxpayers $500,000
CLP “on track” to Owe Territory Taxpayers $500,000

28 February 2016 - Opposition Whip, Natasha Fyles, said that Adam Giles and the CLP are trying to buy the election using taxpayers’ money.


“Public servants are reporting that the CLP intends a major taxpayer funded blitz to advertise their proposed fiscal stimulus,” said Natasha Fyles.


“The CLP must not spend taxpayer dollars to run a political campaign.


“The Country Liberal Party already owes the Territory taxpayer $500,000 due to their ‘Ice’ and ‘On Track’ ads. We have now also written to the Auditor General referring an additional item we consider to be political in nature.


“Instead of slashing spending, constantly infighting and being concerned only about themselves and jobs for their mates, Adam Giles and the CLP should have been listening to Territorians and developing plans to create jobs.


“They should have been investing in infrastructure, investing in education, investing in innovation, investing in children.


“Instead we’ve had 8 Deputy Chief Ministers, reshuffle after reshuffle, scandal after scandal, serious corruption allegations, and across the board incompetence.


“The CLP's belated plan to roll out a stimulus package is sadly too little, too late for the many Territory businesses who won’t survive to see any of the benefits.


“Labor will support any sensible plans to create jobs, to invest in infrastructure and to invest in education and innovation.


“That’s why we have already laid out our extensive plans in many of these areas – with more to come.”


Media contact: Gino Luglietti 0401 119 794


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