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Shadow Attorney-General, Michael Gunner, today used Parliamentary Question Time to challenge Chief Minister, Adam Giles, on his repeated denials of links between CLP slush fund Foundation 51 and the CLP Government.

“Adam Giles continues to deny links between the CLP Government and slush fund Foundation 51 despite the mounting evidence, including leaked emails, to the contrary,” Mr Gunner said.

“Today’s revelations in The Australian expose that Foundation 51 Director, Graeme Lewis, has recently lodged an electoral return disclosing contributions to the CLP’s election campaigns and admitted Foundation 51 was an associated entity of the CLP.

“Mr Lewis also admitted to a conflict of interest in being, until recently, the CLP’s Treasurer and Chair of the Land Development Corporation,” Mr Gunner said.

“In retrospect … I would probably have to answer that there was a conflict of interest,” Mr Lewis was reported as saying.

In a leaked email from Adam Giles to Graeme Lewis the Chief Minister writes: “Graeme. Let’s have a chat when you get back… I want to ensure there was no real or perceived conflict of interest with any dealing you may or may not have”.

In reply, Mr Lewis emailed to Adam Giles: ‘I really need to talk one to one with you about all this … The real issue is that, given all that is happening in the CLP, even before this last fiasco, it’s clear my time is up”.

In May this year Foundation 51 director Graeme Lewis was running a draft press release past Chief Minister Adam Giles for his vetting,” Mr Gunner said.

“Former Treasurer Dave Tollner has admitted that political donations ‘will open my door’  and when asked by the ABC isn’t that paying for political favours, Dave Tollner’s response was ‘you could put it that way I suppose’.

“Territorians deserve assurance that the CLP Government is operating in an accountable and transparent manner.

“Only an independent inquiry into political donations can provide that assurance - what have they got to hide?”


Media contact: Cathryn Tilmouth 0427 500 667


Shadow Minister for Public Employment Natasha Fyles, today called on the Giles Government to establish an Independent Commission against Corruption following Dave Tollner’s extraordinary cash for access admission yesterday.

“Mr Tollner’s admission that donors to his political campaigns were given priority over anyone else is exactly why we needed an independent  inquiry,” Ms Fyles said.

“Things are grim when Clive Palmer is now talking about establishing a Senate Inquiry into the CLP’s Foundation 51 donations scandal.

“Adam Giles can short circuit this now and immediately announce the establishment of an Independent Commission Against Corruption.

“Mr Tollner’s admission calls into question every decision of the former Treasurer.

“If this is how Dave Tollner did business, how many other Ministers in the Giles Government operate the same way? 

“Every Territorian ought to be able to have confidence that political donations do not influence the way in which Government decisions are made, but there is now a cloud over every decision the Giles Government has made.”

Ms Fyles said it was now incumbent upon Chief Minister Adam Giles to come clean on whether he also has a cash for access policy.

“The size of a constituent’s wallet should have no bearing on whether or not they are granted access to a Government Minister, let alone a Deputy Chief Minister or Treasurer," Ms Fyles said.

Media contact:  Michael Gleeson  0400 096 924


Opposition Leader Delia Lawrie today called on Adam Giles to explain why he didn’t take serious allegations about Peter Maley to the Police.

Ms Lawrie said days after the allegations surrounding the Cash for Access scandal broke the Chief Minister, who is also the Police Minister, has failed to explain why he didn’t refer Norm McCleary’s email to the Police back in May.

“We have an extraordinary situation where the Chief Minister receives an email saying $10,000 was paid to the CLP for access to sensitive government documents and fails to refer it to Police. Why?” Ms Lawrie asked.

“Adam Giles needs to explain to Territorians why after sitting on serious allegations of corruption for months he went on to vehemently defend his appointment of Peter Maley as a magistrate.

“There is a stench surrounding the CLP that warrants a full inquiry by a formal judicial officer without ties to the CLP

“We have seen the Eight by Five methods in NSW and we see an eerily similarity with the CLP’s Foundation 51.

“Territorians are demanding answers and Labor will keep holding this circus of a Government to account.

“The Dave Tollner threats to walk out on the CLP and his attacks on his colleagues show that they have descended into farce.

“The very real danger of Adam Giles being dumped is a result of his failure in leadership.


Media Contact:   Michael Gleeson  0400 096 924


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