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Opposition Leader Delia has called on Chief Minister Adam Giles to stand aside Terry Mills from his job as Commissioner to Indonesia and ASEAN pending an inquiry into Foundation 51.
"I am calling on Adam Giles to immediately stand down Terry Mills from his $750,000 taxpayer-funded package in Jakarta until a full investigation into Foundation 51 has occurred," Ms Lawrie said.
Ms Lawrie’s call follows revelations in an email from Foundation 51 Director Graeme Lewis that Mr Mills had a “directorial role” with the Foundation in November 2012 while he was Chief Minister.
“These emails are the smoking gun which shows a direct connection between Foundation 51 and the CLP.
“It’s dishonest for Adam Giles to keep saying that Foundation 51 is just a private company with no links to the CLP.  
“The same email show Graeme Lewis telling senior members of the Country Liberals executive team that funds to Foundation 51 were contributed primarily for NT election purposes."
Ms Lawrie said both the Territory Electoral Commission and the Australian Electoral Commission were investigating whether Foundation 51 failed to declare donations to CLP candidates at numerous elections.
“The political donations inquiry voted on by the Territory Parliament in the last sittings also has Foundation 51’s dealings with the CLP as one of its terms of reference,” Ms Lawrie said.
"Adam Giles needs to make a commitment not to rescind the motion establishing the political donations inquiry when Parliament resumes later this month," Ms Lawrie said.
Media contact:   Michael Gleeson  0400 096 924


Shadow Minister for Government Accountability, Ken Vowles, today called on the Chief Minister Adam Giles to abandon his plans to make the Northern Territory our nation’s nuclear waste dump.

Mr Giles told ABC Radio today that there would be a “range of opportunities for the Territory Government to offer up a site” for Australia’s nuclear waste.

 “Territorians have made it clear that they do not want a nuclear waste dump,” Mr Vowles said.

 “But today on ABC Radio the Chief Minister said the CLP Government will look at nominating a nuclear waste dump site in the Territory if a successful site is not nominated by a Land Council.

 “What plans does Adam Giles have for nuclear waste dump in the Territory and which sites does he have in mind?”

Mr Vowles said Adam Giles is fixated on a cash grab for the CLP Government rather than representing the strong held public views that a site should be chosen on science rather than a cash grab.

“Mr Giles needs to explain to Territorians why he is ignoring legitimate environmental and safety concerns that Territorians hold in relation to a nuclear waste dump,” Mr Vowles said.

“Territorians went to the polls with both the CLP and Territory Labor opposed to a nuclear waste dump. Adam Giles does not have a mandate to make our land toxic.”

Media contact: Cathryn Tilmouth 0427 500 667


Opposition Leader, Delia Lawrie, says Chief Minister, Adam Giles’, Government is in crisis as a result of his inability to bring an end to the Tollner homophobic rant affair.


“The CLP wing meeting on Monday is now looming as a showdown between the MLA’s who want Dave Tollner out and Adam Giles who appears incapable of enforcing basic community standards,” Ms Lawrie said.


She said the CLP Member for Goyder Kezia Purick reflected the mood of many when she wrote on Facebook “Oh so it is now, oh poor me David, I am the victim? Give me a break.”


“While many Territorians are saying enough is enough and our society has no place for leadership that condones discrimination and offensive slurs we see Adam Giles more interested in protecting his mate than enforcing workplace norms and sending a message that discrimination will not be tolerated," Ms Lawrie said.


A chorus of commentators from the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner to gay rights advocates and the general public were outraged that Mr Tollner’s homophobic and abhorrent comments to a Ministerial staffer had gone unpunished.


“On talkback radio yesterday callers were speaking with one voice and were ashamed that nothing had been done," Ms Lawrie said.


“It’s making national news and the rest of the country is looking at the Territory and wondering why this behaviour is being accepted.


“I am appalled that this government puts itself before the care of so many in our community who deserve a message that any discrimination is intolerable."



Media contact: Cathryn Tilmouth 0427 500 667


Leader of the Opposition, Delia Lawrie, today said that Territorians are appalled by the homophobic rant the Deputy Chief Minister, Dave Tollner, unleashed on a Ministerial staffer, and is calling on the Chief Minister to sack him.


“Chief Minister, Adam Giles, is failing another test of leadership by trying to sweep the unacceptable actions of Dave Tollner under the carpet,” Ms Lawrie said.


“Offensive homophobic slurs are not acceptable in our society – especially from a Deputy Chief Minister.


“Territorians should be able to go to work feeling safe from bullying and persecution based on their race, religion or sexuality.


“In any other workplace an incident of this nature would result in the offender being sacked.


“These standards need to be applied to Members of Parliament and the Chief Minister needs to sack Mr Tollner from his position as Deputy Chief Minister.”


Ms Lawrie said this is not the first time Adam Giles has failed to appropriately discipline a minister following reprehensible behaviour.


“Adam Giles needs to show that there is no tolerance for discrimination and bullying and sack Mr Tollner.”



Media contact: Cathryn Tilmouth 0427 500 667


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