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CLP Can’t Be Trusted To Protect Our Environment
CLP Can’t Be Trusted To Protect Our Environment

7 December 2015 - The CLP have once again failed to protect our environment for refusing to prosecute breaches to environmental development guidelines, even though they promised to do so well over a year ago to date.


In April 2014, then CLP Lands and Planning Minister, Peter Chandler, said the Development Consent Authority (DCA) would pursue a legal case against a landowner who was found to have breached their development application and cleared 4ha of native vegetation.


I cannot ask the public to have faith in the government’s planning processes if they’re not enforced when there has been a clear breach. – Then Planning Minister Peter Chandler April 2014


In contradiction to this earlier statement, on December 4 2015, the current CLP Minister for Lands and Planning, David Tollner, has instead claimed there’s no case to be made.


The DCA could not prepare a viable case to prosecute those responsible. – Office of Current Planning Minister David Tollner December 2015


“This proves the CLP can’t be trusted to keep their word and they can’t be trusted to protect our environment,” said Natasha Fyles.


“Territorians deserve to know why the CLP doesn’t think there is a case here when there is a clear breach of the rules in place to protect our environment.


“The impact of this clearing will have detrimental effects to our environment and locals who will now be subject to increased risk of flooding.


“The rules are in place for a reason, but when a Government doesn’t uphold those rules, then we must ask the question what is the point of having those rules?


“David Tollner and the CLP must explain why they believe there is no case – it is not good enough to wave the issue aside.


“We saw a very similar ‘nothing to see here’ attitude when the CLP was caught-out for not implementing a critical environmental impact statement for the port at Melville Island; instead they chose to argue that it was not a port. The CLP can’t be trusted to keep their word or protect our environment.”


Media contact: Gino Luglietti 0401 119 794




Shadow Environment Minister Nicole Manison said the Hawke Report highlights the need for a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in the Northern Territory.

Ms Manison said the Hawke Report shows there are inadequate protections in place to allow hydraulic fracturing.

“We have grave concerns that the CLP Government have chosen Dave Tollner to deliver a regulatory regime for hydraulic fracking as he’s shown to be dismissive of environmental concerns,” Ms Manison said.

“Dave Tollner doesn’t even believe in climate change.

“This is a CLP Government that has ripped funding out of the independent Environment Centre and Arid Lands Environment Centre and has watched the Environmental Defenders Office close.”

Ms Manison said Labor would consult with community groups about the Hawke Report to ensure we properly engage community concerns.

“We need to understand what is best for Territorians now and into the future.”

Media inquiries: Louise Conner 0438 241 211


Leader of the Opposition, Delia Lawrie, today attended a rally in Darwin to support the Federal Renewable Energy Target.

“Energy demands in the Territory will only continue to rise and Territorians will need an affordable reliable source to meet these demands that will not negatively affect the environment,” Ms Lawrie.

“Renewable energy can meet some of this demand.”

Ms Lawrie said that since the CLP came to Government they have demonstrated a complete disregard for the Environment.

“The CLP axed the Office of Climate Change and axed a Minister for Climate Change,” Ms Lawrie said.

“The CLP Government has also cut funding for clean energy organisations in the Territory.

“When Labor was in Government, it had a Clean Energy Taskforce provide expert advice on bolstering our renewable energy industry in the Territory.

“High priority projects, recommended by the Taskforce, included roll-out of 10 megawatts of solar power in 46 remote communities which relied on diesel generators.

“This was not only good for the environment but also provided cost saving measures for these communities.

“A Clean Energy agenda would also provide employment opportunities for Territorians and businesses.


“The Territory needs the Federal Government to keep the Renewable Energy Target.”


Media contact: Cathryn Tilmouth 0427 500 667


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