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Giles must Audit Ministerial Travel
Giles must Audit Ministerial Travel

11 January 2016 - Territory Labor today called on Adam Giles to show leadership and order an independent audit into all ministerial travel which involved dealings with the disgraced Latitude Travel agency.


“It is critical to do a line by line check of all travel to ensure the Territory taxpayer is protected,” said Lauren Moss.


“The Chief Minister should want to get to the bottom of how many taxpayer dollars are owed back to the taxpayer, but to date Adam Giles has refused to act.


“Adam Giles has offered no explanation as to why he is not doing this.


“The courts have been told that Ministerial travel undertaken by Minister Price to New York contained inflated costs of around $13,500 when booked through Latitude Travel. On this basis alone Adam Giles must order an independent audit into all ministerial travel organised via Latitude Travel.


“Adam Giles must order this today or explain to Territorians why he is refusing to do it.


“Any independent audit into Ministerial Travel should include all dealing with Latitude Travel including the previous Labor Government’s time in office.  But clearly any investigation must also include the time the CLP has been in office from August 2012 to the present. Anything less would be simply absurd.


“The facts of the matter are that the corrupt and fraudulent dealings of Latitude Travel were uncovered during Adam Giles’ time in Government and a CLP Senior Adviser is up on corruption charges for dealings with Latitude Travel.


"If the Government has nothing to hide it will hold an independent investigation into ministerial travel booked through Latitude Travel.


“The CLP Government’s refusal to independently investigate overseas ministerial travel strongly indicates there is a culture of cover up.”



Media Contact: Gino Luglietti 0401 119 794


Questions still outstanding on Ministerial Travel
Questions still outstanding on Ministerial Travel

27 October 2015 - It has been 88 days since CLP Ministers received written questions on notice asking whether they had received gifts, benefits or a discount from or persons associated with Latitude Travel – and to date only four out of eight have provided answers.


“Under standing orders of the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory, written questions should be answered within 30 days,” Shadow Minister for Government Accountability Nicole Manison said.


“There are four CLP Ministers now 58 days overdue on answering very clear and concise questions.”


The two questions put to all eight CLP Ministers are:

1: Have you ever received a gift, benefit or discount from Latitude Travel or anyone associated with Latitude Travel?

2: If so, would you please itemise and indicate the estimated value of each gift, benefit or discount received?


“Answers have been received from Adam Giles, Bess Price, Gray Higgins and Peter Chandler,” Ms Manison said.


“In contrast, David Tollner, John Elferink, Willem Westra van Holthe and Peter Styles have not provided answers to very simple and clear questions which are well overdue.


“Territorians have the right to know the answer to these very simple questions."


Media Contact: Gino Luglietti 0401 119 794

Adam Giles can’t be trusted on jobs for Port workers
Adam Giles can’t be trusted on jobs for Port workers

15 October 2015 - Territorians don’t trust Adam Giles when he says there will be no jobs lost as a result of his sale of the Darwin Port, Nicole Manison, Shadow Minister for Government Accountability, said today.


“This CLP government has form. They keep selling off our public assets and saying to the workers ‘Your job is safe, nothing will change’. Then before we know it Territorians are facing job losses and cuts to conditions,” Ms Manison said.


  • Darwinbus Network

THEN: "Jobs are secure, employee entitlements are preserved and all permanent staff will be able to transfer to the new operator."

CLP Transport Minister Peter Styles, ABC News, 6 December 2013


LATER: “Darwin's bus drivers are "devastated" by the loss of paid lunch breaks following the bus service's privatisation, according to the transport workers' union.”

ABC News, 30 October 2014


  • Territory Insurance Office (TIO)

THEN: “Under this new model nothing changes for customers. The TIO name remains, branches stay open, policies stay the same, flood and storm surge cover continues and staff keep their jobs.

CLP Chief Minister Adam Giles, Media release, 24 November 2014


LATER: “Fourty-three TIO/Allianz employees will lose their jobs just five months after the Giles Government sold the insurer and told them their jobs were safe.”

NT News, 30 April 2015


  • Darwin Port

NOW: “This morning, Mr Giles told 105.7 ABC Darwin he could also guarantee permanent workers would keep their jobs to 2018.”


Asked if any workers would lose their jobs after 2018, Mr Giles answered in the negative.

ABC News, 14 October 2015


“The evidence is clear - you just can’t trust Adam Giles and the CLP to protect Territory jobs," Ms Manison said.


Media Contact: Gino Luglietti – 0401 119 794


Complete Communication Breakdown Amongst CLP
Complete Communication Breakdown Amongst CLP

18 August 2015 - Shadow Minister for Government Accountability, Nicole Manison, said that recent events have made it clear that Adam Giles is actively being shunned by his own cabinet with Ministers constantly contradicting the Chief Minister.


“The constant and extensive list of contradictions between CLP Chief Minister, Adam Giles and his CLP Ministers, is evidence that Adam Giles has been shunned by his own team. No one is talking to Adam,” said Ms Manison.


The list of contradictions includes, but is not limited to:


“What we’ve done, we’ve put 120 extra police into the force in the Northern Territory and that’s helped us get more police on the frontline.” - Chief Minister, Adam Giles, Mix 104.9, 17 August 2015


“The goal (120 new police) hasn’t been achieved at the moment. That’s why we put an extra $8 million-plus into this year’s Budget.” - Police Minister Peter Chandler, NT Police Association speech, 17 August 2015

Yesterday Mr Chandler’s office also provided details on the latest police numbers. His office said that since August 31, 2012, the Government had added 84.83 extra police to the force.
- Statement from Peter Chandler’s office, 17 August 2015



“The Minister is the one who determines where the travel should be, the process of travel, the expenditure of the travel and final sign off of overseas Ministerial travel is with the Chief of Staff.”  - Adam Giles, CLP Chief Minister, ABC TV, 30 July 2015


“The process today, of course, is we have to take any travel to Cabinet, and ultimately it gets signed off by the Chief Minister.” - Peter Chandler, CLP Education Minister, ABC TV, 30 July 2015


To obtain pre-approval, Ministers’ offices are asked to provide their Minister’s proposed program including the purpose of the travel, benefits to the Northern Territory and proposed travel schedule.”   - Statement from Adam Giles’ Chief Ministerial Office, ABC TV, 30 July 2015



“No, not May, late August/September, it is in the third quarter of 2018.” - David Tollner, Estimates, 26 May 2015


When CLP Chief Minister, Adam Giles, was asked by Leader of the Opposition, Michael Gunner to confirm David Tollner’s assessment that the Palmerston Hospital would open in the third quarter of 2018, he said: “Yes.” - Chief Minister, Adam Giles, Estimates, 27 May 2015


When the CLP’s Health Minister, John Elferink, was asked about the opening date of the Palmerston Hospital, he said “May 2018.” - John Elferink, CLP Health Minister, ABC Radio, 28 May 2015



“I'll have to go back and have a look at it (releasing the document) given that it's in my portfolio area of responsibility.” - Chief Minister Adam Giles, ABC News, 15 July 2015. Note - Adam Giles later confirmed the document would be made public.


“As a cabinet document, this document is not available for release." - Attorney-General John Elferink - ABC News, 15 July 2015


Ms Manison said that these recent examples prove Adam Giles is being actively ignored and constantly contradicted by his own team, indicative of a Chief Minister that the majority of the CLP Government simply doesn’t want.


“The only alternative explanation is that Chief Minister Adam Giles is the one not talking to his own team. Either way, the CLP Government in paralysis; it’s clear the Chief Minister is toxic to his own team,” said Ms Manison.



Media Contact: Gino Luglietti 0401 119 794


Giles needs to explain Foundation 51 donations
Giles needs to explain Foundation 51 donations

29 December 2014



Giles needs to explain Foundation 51 donations


Shadow Minister for Government Accountability Natasha Fyles today called on Chief Minister Adam Giles to explain why the CLP hid hundreds of thousands of dollars in political donations.


Ms Fyles said the CLP's Foundation 51 scandal was deepening with the latest disclosures that it received significant donations from property developers that have only now come to light.


New disclosures to the Australian Electoral Commission by former CLP fundraiser Graeme Lewis now expose Foundation 51 as a financial entity directly supporting CLP election campaigns.


“Incredibly CLP President Jason Newman is still in denial about the role of Foundation 51 and legal obligations to report election funding, saying that Graeme Lewis’ new disclosure does not prove Foundation 51 was ever an associated entity obliged to report CLP election funding.”


“Mr Lewis himself has said he made the new disclosures based on legal advice that he should do so, in the face of election funding inquiries by both the Australian and Northern Territory Electoral Commissions.”


"The CLP shamelessly deny that Foundation 51 operated as an Associated Entity while its Director Graeme Lewis admits that's how the slush fund operated," Ms Fyles said.


A November 2012 email from Foundation 51 Director Graeme Lewis to then CLP President Braedon Earley has also highlighted that contributors to Foundation 51 were clearly ‘aware’ and ‘did stipulate’ that funds raised would be ‘devoted to NT elections’ and other CLP support.


In another email, dated 26 March 2014, Mr Lewis also said it would be a shame to replace Foundation 51 with ‘garage sales’ to provide ‘adequate resources’. Mr Lewis said “I have made the Chief Minister aware of this probability, much to his concern”.


That same email also noted that “The Foundation has already contributed significantly towards the activities of the Blain by-election.”     


"Only a full Inquiry under the Inquiries Act with an independent former or current Judge will get to the bottom of the relationship between the Country Liberal Party, Foundation 51 and the CLP government” Ms Fyles said.


"We have a serious stench surrounding this CLP Government when their own former Treasurer admitted that political donations opened his door."


In October this year, just a day after the Giles government shamelessly voted down a Legislative Assembly motion for an independent inquiry into Northern Territory political donations, former Deputy Chief Minster Dave Tollner told ABC radio that he worked on the basis that ‘your donation will open my door if you ever need to talk to me about something or other’.


"If Adam Giles has nothing to hide then he would immediately instigate an inquiry with judicial powers," Ms Fyles said.


"Instead we're discovering a political donations scandal played out between Christmas and New Year when the CLP could hope Territorians are distracted by the holiday period.


"This is a disgrace and it's time we uncovered the full links between Foundation 51 and the CLP Government."




Shadow Minister for Government Accountability Natasha Fyles has called on the CLP Government to lift the veil of secrecy and let Territorians know if the weekend CLP Central Council meeting endorsed the sale of TIO.
“We know there has been a lot of unrest and opposition internally in the CLP with backbenchers and at least one Cabinet Minister expressing concern about the TIO sell off,” Ms Fyles said.
“But the CLP’s weekend meeting in Alice Springs, conducted behind locked doors, has failed to announce whether there was a motion passed by CLP members endorsing the sale.”

“The CLP needs to come clean and let Territorians know what was discussed at their party meeting and who has been promised what from the proceeds of a fire sale.”

“Over the same weekend the Member for Goyder, Kezia Purick was running a petition against the sale at the Coolalinga Markets.”

“The Chamber of Commerce survey showed Territory businesses do not support the sale, and it is clear Territorians don’t support the sale either.”

“The CLP Government does not have a mandate to sell TIO, and the Opposition is calling on the Government to hold public meetings before any decision is made on the sale.”

“The Member for Katherine is the only CLP member to hold a public meeting.”
“The Chief Minister should be holding public meetings in Darwin, Palmerston, Nhulunbuy and Alice Springs on the reasons why he thinks TIO should be sold and giving Territorians a say, not running advertising campaigns promoting a spend-fest on the proceeds of TIO.”

“The CLP took a $10 million dividend from TIO this year, dividends that could fund flood mitigation without selling TIO.”

“Territorians are concerned a sale of TIO will see skyrocketing premiums and less cover”, Ms Fyles said.

TIO is the only insurer in the Territory market that offers no-loophole cyclone, flood and storm surge cover. 

Territorians can sign the online Don’t Sell TIO petition at
Territorians can also contact CLP Members of Parliament to voice their concerns.

Media contact: Sonia Peters 0437 762 881


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