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Only Labor Will Deliver An Independent Commission Against Corruption
Only Labor Will Deliver An  Independent Commission Against Corruption

Opposition Michael Gunner today renewed his commitment to create an Independent Commission Against Corruption should Labor win the next Territory election.


Mr Gunner said it was crucial that this body has strong powers to investigate the sorts of serious allegations that have plagued the CLP Government over the last three years.


“Only Labor will create an Independent body to investigate and fight corruption in the Northern Territory,” Mr Gunner said.


“Only Labor will ensure all Territorians have a chance to have a say about how such a body works and what powers it has.


“Today’s announcement by the Attorney General John Elferink is a knee jerk reaction to another controversy in a series of scandals.


It is a desperate and cynical move by a CLP Government which is rotten to the core.


“From the party that gave you travel rorts, dodgy water licenses and F51, today’s announcement amounts to a sick joke. It’s gammon.


“The Attorney General made clear how disingenuous today’s announcement is when he stated today that there were no real problems out there.


“People are saying well is there a serious problem out there? I don’t believe it is a serious problem.”

- Attorney General, John Elferink, 14 August 2015, Mix FM Radio


“Territorians will not be fooled by the CLPs move to change the sign out the front of the Office for the Commissioner of Public Disclosures.


“Territorians do not trust the CLP to do this properly and independently after all the CLPs scandals and when CLP members have repeatedly argued the reasons to not create an ICAC.”


“Only Labor will create an ICAC, and only Labor will consult Territorians about how it should operate.”



Media Contact: Gino Luglietti 0401 119 794



Leader of the Opposition, Delia Lawrie, is calling on the CLP Government to immediately publicly release the Terms of Reference for the investigation into allegations surrounding the former Police Commissioner John McRoberts.

“Territorians deserve to know the Terms of Reference for this investigation given the concerns surrounding the Police Commissioner’s resignation. This is a grave matter that needs transparency and accountability,” Ms Lawrie said.

“What are the timelines for this investigation and will a full or interim report be tabled in Parliament Sittings in February?”

Ms Lawrie said questions still remain about the extent of knowledge the CLP Government had of this issue before the former Police Commissioner’s resignation last week.

“Did Chief Minister Adam Giles know about this conflict of interest prior to handing over the Police portfolio to Peter Chandler?” Ms Lawrie asked.

“Who in Government is across the details of the allegations surrounding Mr McRoberts given that Minister Robyn Lambley provided comments to ABC News yesterday that: ‘He (John McRoberts) was involved in the initial planning for how, er, what the strategy would be around the investigation.’

“It is extraordinary that Adam Giles remains missing in action throughout this crisis and has failed to even issue a statement.  

“This again highlights the Territory’s need for an ICAC style body that would possess the strong powers to investigate every aspect of this issue.”



Media contact: Cathryn Tilmouth 0427 500 667           


Labor MLA, Lauren Moss, today renewed the Opposition’s call for the formation of an ICAC style body in the Territory.

“An ICAC in the Territory would be the independent watchdog and would restore Territorians confidence in Government, which includes the Police force,” Ms Moss said.

“This latest saga has left Territorians with questions about the integrity of the Territory’s decision makers.

“Compounding this issue is the lack of confidence Territorians have in the CLP Government in the midst of its own Foundation 51 controversy.

“It is clear that the Territory is in need of an independent body that could swiftly stamp out any issues afflicting Territory decision makers.”

Ms Moss said in the current absence of an ICAC Territorians have no choice but to accept Adam Giles’ “word”.

“In that spirit the Chief Minister, Adam Giles, must answer questions about when he became aware of the former Police Commissioner’s conflict of interest – before or after he gave the Police portfolio to the Deputy Chief Minister?”


Media contact: Cathryn Tilmouth 0427 500 667


Shadow Minister for Public Employment Natasha Fyles, today called on the Giles Government to establish an Independent Commission against Corruption following Dave Tollner’s extraordinary cash for access admission yesterday.

“Mr Tollner’s admission that donors to his political campaigns were given priority over anyone else is exactly why we needed an independent  inquiry,” Ms Fyles said.

“Things are grim when Clive Palmer is now talking about establishing a Senate Inquiry into the CLP’s Foundation 51 donations scandal.

“Adam Giles can short circuit this now and immediately announce the establishment of an Independent Commission Against Corruption.

“Mr Tollner’s admission calls into question every decision of the former Treasurer.

“If this is how Dave Tollner did business, how many other Ministers in the Giles Government operate the same way? 

“Every Territorian ought to be able to have confidence that political donations do not influence the way in which Government decisions are made, but there is now a cloud over every decision the Giles Government has made.”

Ms Fyles said it was now incumbent upon Chief Minister Adam Giles to come clean on whether he also has a cash for access policy.

“The size of a constituent’s wallet should have no bearing on whether or not they are granted access to a Government Minister, let alone a Deputy Chief Minister or Treasurer," Ms Fyles said.

Media contact:  Michael Gleeson  0400 096 924


The Leader of the Opposition today moved to censure the Chief Minister, Adam Giles, for his actions to cover up an inquiry into political donations, the details around a $1million payment to the Tiwi Land Council his plans to sell public assets.

“The Chief Minister has repeatedly denied links between CLP slush fund Foundation 51 and the CLP yet emails leaked show $200,000 was used to fund CLP election campaigns,” Ms Lawrie said.

“Territorians are left wondering what has the CLP got to hide after they used their numbers in Parliament to prevent an Inquiry into political donations?

“The dust had barely settled on the Casuarina by-election before Adam Giles was taking out full page advertisements spruiking the sale and long term lease of the Territory Insurance Office and the Darwin Port.

“If Adam Giles and the CLP Government had nothing to hide and were confident that their decisions to sell public assets were in the best interest of Territorians, then why were they not upfront with Casuarina residents before they went to the polls last weekend?”

Ms Lawrie said the CLP Government had sunk to new lows these Sittings and questions about Foundation 51 political donations, the $1million Tiwi deal and public asset sales would be pursued in the interest of integrity and transparency.

“Territorians deserve a Government that operates with transparency and accountability,” Ms Lawrie said.

“In Government, Labor will establish an Independent Commission Against Corruption.

“When challenged to establish an ICAC today Adam Giles ruled it out. When challenged to establish an inquiry into political donations in the last four years, Adam Giles ruled it out. What has the CLP got to hide?”


Media contact: Cathryn Tilmouth 0427 500 667


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