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Labor Candidate for Casuarina Lauren Moss has called on the CLP to act now to bring down the cost of living for Territorians.

“As a direct result of the CLP’s decision to put profit before people and hike up PowerWater tariffs by more than 25% we have families and businesses under stress,” Ms Moss said.

“And to add insult to injury the CLP are ignoring pleas for the Government to tackle our outrageously high fuel costs.

“It’s scandalous that we are paying up to 30 cents a litre more for petrol than people in Melbourne.

“I’m calling on the Chief Minister to lobby his Liberal counterparts in Canberra to immediately scrap their plans for two CPI increases a year on the cost of fuel through the excise hike.

She said the new tax would raise more than $4 billion, with Territorians carrying a disproportionate burden.

“I’m speaking up for the people of Casuarina, now Adam Giles needs to tell Tony Abbott that his petrol tax grab is not on.

“I’m also calling on the CLP to create an application giving Territorians price alerts on the cheapest bowser on any given day on their smartphones. Territorians could then use consumer demand to drive down the price at petrol bowsers.”

Ms Moss said the CLP had promised to cut the cost of living but had instead presided over power, water and sewerage price hikes and are rolling over to Canberra adding to petrol price increases.

“Voters are telling me that their household budgets are feeling the strain and the CLP just don’t get it.”

Media contact: Michael Gleeson 0400 096 924


Opposition Leader Delia Lawrie said the chaos caused by the rushed split of PowerWater by the CLP Government was evident as the first round of split bills hit Territorians.

“As the first bills are going out from Jacana Energy, many Territorians have found to their shock that their former direct debits to PowerWater no long apply to their electricity bills,” Ms Lawrie said.

“PowerWater didn’t give customers the option of transferring their prepayment onto the electricity component of their bill and just left it at the water and sewage component.

“Some Territorians are finding out they are in credit for their water bill but owe large amounts for power.

“The CLP ran an expensive advertising campaign reassuring residents and businesses that the split of utilities wouldn’t affect them but this is not true.

“To make it even more confusing some Territorians are still receiving consolidated bills from PowerWater while others are receiving the two separate bills.”

Labor candidate for Casuarina Lauren Moss said pensioners and low income earners were being hit particularly hard by the direct debit fiasco.

“Many people on benefits use direct debit to pay their power and water bills and are only now finding out they have only been paying off the water and sewerage,” Ms Moss said.

“Power and water charges are a big part of the increasing financial pain Casuarina families tell me they are struggling with.”

Ms Lawrie said PowerWater should have been directed by Chief Minister Adam Giles to write to consumers who paid by direct debit to inform them the payment no longer applied to the electricity component.

“The CLP Government didn’t bother to tell Territorians they would need to set up a new system to keep paying off their ever increasing power bills,” Ms Lawrie said.

“Now we have businesses and families getting a double whammy of more expensive power and finding out their direct payments haven’t been paying off their bill.

“Adam Giles is again showing he cares more about profits than people with the rushed split of PowerWater.”

Media contact: Mandy Taylor 0414 634159


Opposition Leader Delia Lawrie has called on the CLP Government to rule out selling off any of the NT’s Parks and Reserves under moves to commercialise the Territory parks estate.

“The Territory’s national parks are some of our biggest assets, a treasure trove of natural wonders enjoyed by locals and visitors,” Ms Lawrie said.

Labor candidate for Casuarina Lauren Moss said residents loved the Casuarina Coastal Reserve and don't want to see it commercialised.

“Under the CLP’s Expression of Interest, the reserve’s enormously popular turtle release program is identified as a potential commercial opportunity," Ms Moss said.

“Does this mean Territorians may have to pay to participate in what has to now been a free activity?"

“Given this Government’s record with undercover deals, Territorians are right to be suspicious about their plans to make money out of our assets without laying the plans on the table.”

Ms Lawrie was speaking today at Casuarina Coastal Reserve, one of the 52 national parks, reserves and conservation areas in the Northern Territory.

“Hundreds of thousands of people visit this reserve every year, with local families and visitors taking in the beautiful sunsets, picnicking, cycling, flying kites and enjoying the spectacular natural setting," Ms Lawrie said.

“What impact will the CLP’s plans to commercialise parks have on places like Casuarina Coastal Reserve?"

Media contact: Mandy Taylor 0414 634159

Labor Candidate for Casuarina, Lauren Moss has called on the Giles Government to urgently lobby the Federal Government to reverse its $50 million cut to the University.
“Charles Darwin University is our tertiary centre of excellence, but is being treated with contempt by both the Federal and Territory Governments," Ms Moss said.

“These cuts will give the University no choice but to increase fees, adversely affecting the futures of young Territorians, many of whom will not have the resources to pay higher fees.

“It’s appalling that students may be forced to make a decision on whether or not to study for a degree based on their capacity to pay."

She was joined today by Shadow Minister for Education Natasha Fyles who said the pressure was now on new Deputy Chief Minister Peter Chandler to defend the University.

“Mr Chandler’s tenure as Education Minister has been characterised by massive cuts to teacher numbers in our schools. Now he wants to do the same to our University,” Ms Fyles said.

"Instead Mr Chandler should be using his influence to persuade his Federal counterparts to stop punishing Territory students.

“Mr Chandler should be on the phone to Christopher Pyne and Tony Abbott demanding they reverse the $50 million cut to the University.

“The Federal government’s changes will hurt young Territorians. They have introduced legislation which will cut funding to universities, remove caps on domestic tuition fees which could allow universities to charge $100,000 for a degree and will increase student debt by increasing the indexation rate of HECS-HELP loans. 

“Adam Giles keeps telling us he wants to develop the North, yet he and Mr Chandler say nothing while the Federal Government takes a chainsaw to university funding."

Media contact:  Michael Gleeson  0400 096 924

Territory Labor Candidate for Casuarina

Leader of the Opposition, Delia Lawrie, today congratulated the Territory Labor Candidate for Casuarina, Lauren Moss, on her pre-selection.

“Lauren brings with her energy, passion and a fresh new perspective, and is a fantastic candidate for Casuarina,” Ms Lawrie said.

“Growing up in the electorate, Lauren is very familiar with the issues facing Casuarina residents.

“Casuarina and Territory families are suffering under the CLP Government’s from the high Cost of living, brutal cuts to education and a health system in chaos.

“Adam Giles and the CLP Government are out of touch with Territorians.

“By voting for Lauren in the upcoming by-election Casuarina residents can send the CLP Government a strong message that their policies are hurting Territorians and won’t be tolerated.”

Ms Moss said it would be an honour to represent the community in which she grew up.

“The electorate of Casuarina was a brilliant place to grow up with its diverse cultures and vibrant community,” Ms Moss Said.

“But the CLP Government’s attacks on education, health and hikes to the cost of living are threatening to change what we all love about Casuarina.

“I hope to be a strong voice for Casuarina and help protect the electorate from the damaging policies of the CLP Government.” 


Media contact: Cathryn Tilmouth 0427 500 667


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