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CLP Must Publically Release Today’s Palmerston Hospital Progress Report
CLP Must Publically Release Today’s Palmerston Hospital Progress Report

13 November 2015 - Territory Labor Leader, Michael Gunner, called for the CLP Government to publicly release the Palmerston Hospital Progress Report which is due to the commonwealth today.

Mr Gunner joined the newly announced Territory Labor Candidate for Blain, Damian Hale, in calling for the CLP to be open and transparent with Territorians on the state of the Palmerston Hospital.

According to the formal agreement signed with the Commonwealth, the CLP Government is today due to deliver a progress report on the construction of the Palmerston Hospital to the Commonwealth.

“With continued delays, cost blow-outs and the debacle of digging a hole then filling it in, we have seen the Palmerston Hospital project now referred to the Federal Auditor General for investigation. I am calling on the CLP Government to make today’s progress report public,” Mr Gunner said.

“This is not just a call to make the report public; this is a call for the CLP to be open and transparent with Territorians about the Palmerston Hospital. Territorians deserve to know what is happening.”

Mr Gunner said that the Palmerston Hospital debacle was just another reason why the Chief Minister should sack John Elferink who is also the Health Minister.

Territory Labor’s candidate for Blain, Damian Hale, joined today’s call to make the Palmerston Hospital Report public in an effort to give deliver some certainty to Territorians.

“Getting out and about in Palmerston I often get asked about the hospital, but the truth is, I just don’t know where it’s at, that’s why this report should be made public,” Mr Hale said.

Mr Hale said that as the former Member for Solomon he had fought hard to secure funding for the Palmerston Hospital and was disappointed to see continued delays.

“The recent failed public hole in the ground stunt made us into a bit of a laughing stock; but it has no one laughing in Palmerston, I can tell you that,” Mr Hale said.

“I know that those of us in Palmerston would really welcome an update, and given the report is due today, Mr Elferink should just make it public.”



Media Contact: Gino Luglietti 0401 119 794

CLP backflips to join Labor’s call for Adam Giles to publicly explain the failed Palmerston Hospital Stunt
CLP backflips to join Labor’s call for Adam Giles to publicly explain the failed Palmerston Hospital Stunt

26 October 2015 - The CLP’s Federal Member for Solomon, Natasha Griggs, has backflipped and joined Territory Labor’s call for Chief Minister and Minister for Major Projects, Adam Giles, to ‘please explain’ the failed stunt involving the Palmerston Hospital.


“Territorians deserve more from a Chief Minister that is always available to publicise a barramundi or tennis tournament but shirks his duty to address high-level critical health issues,” said Natasha Fyles.


“Territorians are tired of the stunts and spin; they just want the CLP to stop the infighting and buck-passing and build the Palmerston Hospital.


“The situation is now so dire that the CLP’s Member for Solomon, Natasha Griggs has now backflipped on her position on the stunt: from taking ownership and glowing praise to buck-passing and criticism.


On October 16, the CLP’s Natasha Griggs posted a video to her Facebook saying:

“This is another example of how the Territory Government and Federal Government are working together to deliver for Territorians.”


On October 25, on the Hospital, the CLP’s Natasha Griggs told Channel Nine News:

“I have asked Adam Giles for a ‘please explain’ because it’s not good enough.”


“As the saying goes, a week is a long time in politics, and the adage has been well proven today given that last week Natasha Griggs was happy to claim credit for the achievement, a stark contrast to today’s buck-passing and change of heart,” said Natasha Fyles.


“Territory Labor has previously called for Adam Giles to explain the Palmerston Hospital hole stunt.


“The fallout from the stunt isn’t limited to national embarrassment – future funding for Palmerston Hospital is now in question with the CLP’s credibly to deliver the hospital in tatters.


“The CLP clearly can’t be trusted to deliver the Palmerston Hospital, and Adam Giles has a number of questions to answer around the Major Project:


  • Did the NT Government order the hole to be dug for the stunt?
  • Why did Adam Giles not attend the hole pour given he is responsible for Major Projects?
  • Will Adam Giles respond to requests from both sides of politics to publicly explain himself?
  • Is the future funding of the Palmerston Hospital from the Federal Government in any future doubt as a result of this embarrassment?
  • Given the hole stunt has cost taxpayers an estimated $20,000, what is the revised estimate of costs to complete the project after the failed stunt?
  • What is the revised timeline for the Palmerston Hospital to be completed?

Media Contact: Gino Luglietti 0401 119 794


When will the Chief Minister take responsibility for his major project debacles?
When will the Chief Minister take responsibility for his major project debacles?

21 October 2015 - Territory Labor Leader, Michael Gunner, today called on the CLP Chief Minister and Minister for Major Projects, Adam Giles to take responsibility and explain the complete shambles surrounding Richardson Park and Palmerston Hospital.


“Richardson Park and Palmerston Hospital fall under Major Projects status which Adam Giles has complete carriage of,” said Michael Gunner.


“Adam Giles has thrown Garry Higgins under a school bus over the Ludmilla Primary School and Richardson Park Oval disaster, and has flung John Elferink into a hole over the Palmerston Hospital scandal.


“The Chief Minister must stop ignoring his responsibilities and letting his ministers take the blame for projects which he has ultimate ownership of.


“The two debacles go to the heart of why Territorians don’t trust Adam Giles and the CLP to deliver for Territorians.


“Ultimately these major projects are directly tied to Adam Giles– he must stop avoiding his responsibilities and face the public today.”



Media Contact: Gino Luglietti 0401 119 794


Shadow Minister for Health, Nicole Manison, said the CLP Government is more interested in bulldozer stunts than delivering the long overdue Palmerston Hospital.


"The Health Minister, Robyn Lambley, is trying to spin progress on the site but it will take a lot more action to make people believe that the Palmerston Hospital will be built in the next four years,” Ms Manison said.


"The CLP has bungled the important Palmerston Hospital project from the outset when they scrapped a serviced site for bush land, delaying the project by years.


“Adding to the mishandling of this project the CLP Government has now started land clearing on the site without consultation or communication with local residents.


"At this rate how can we have any confidence a hospital will be built by 2018?


"The tragedy is that Royal Darwin Hospital is overcrowded now and our terrific doctors and nurses are working under constant pressure.


"Patients are enduring long waits in the Emergency Department as staff grapple with bed block and we see yet more bungling by the CLP."



Media contact: Cathryn Tilmouth 0427 500 667


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