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Shadow Environment Minister Nicole Manison said the Hawke Report highlights the need for a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in the Northern Territory.

Ms Manison said the Hawke Report shows there are inadequate protections in place to allow hydraulic fracturing.

“We have grave concerns that the CLP Government have chosen Dave Tollner to deliver a regulatory regime for hydraulic fracking as he’s shown to be dismissive of environmental concerns,” Ms Manison said.

“Dave Tollner doesn’t even believe in climate change.

“This is a CLP Government that has ripped funding out of the independent Environment Centre and Arid Lands Environment Centre and has watched the Environmental Defenders Office close.”

Ms Manison said Labor would consult with community groups about the Hawke Report to ensure we properly engage community concerns.

“We need to understand what is best for Territorians now and into the future.”

Media inquiries: Louise Conner 0438 241 211


Opposition Leader Delia Lawrie today said the return of Francis Xavier Kurrupuwu to the CLP clears the way for Chief Minister Adam Giles to announce the date of the Casuarina by-election.

Ms Lawrie said that the CLP now has the numbers to continue to govern even if disgraced Fong Lim MLA Dave Tollner follows through on his threat to walk away from the "nest of vipers".

"With Dave Tollner still in hiding and huge doubts over his future with the CLP, the Government were delaying the Casuarina by-election but now the opportunity exists for Adam Giles to announce the poll date," Ms Lawrie said.

"The people of Casuarina should be represented in the October sittings of Parliament and there is nothing preventing the CLP Government from calling a by-election date for either October 11 or 18.

"Kon Vatskalis did the right thing by giving Government plenty of notice of his September 18 resignation date now the CLP need to announce the poll date."

Ms Lawrie said the by-election would give residents the chance to have their say on the spiralling cost of living under the CLP and crippling cuts to education and health.

"The CLP has broken its election commitments and torn up its contract with Territorians.

"They continue to be a dysfunctional government out of touch with the issues affecting our everyday lives.

"Families are struggling to make ends meet with crippling power and water bills causing enormous family and small business financial stress.

"I challenge the CLP to spend time in our classrooms and see the unreasonable demands on teachers now that they've increased class sizes and stripped away crucial support resources.

"Will anyone from the Government spend a night in our RDH emergency department which is in crisis due to bed block and has our wonderful doctors and nurses working under intolerable conditions trying to care for Territorians?"

Media contact: Mandy Taylor 0414 634159


Opposition Leader Delia Lawrie has called on the Chief Minister Adam Giles to come clean and reveal why the CLP didn’t fill the Cabinet vacancy last night.

Ms Lawrie said the CLP Parliamentary Wing elected Peter Chandler as Deputy Chief Minister but have kept open a Cabinet vacancy.

“Is Adam Giles leaving the Cabinet position open for his mate Dave Tollner to return after the Casuarina by-election?” Ms Lawrie asked.

“Is a return of Dave Tollner behind the reason for Adam Giles’ failure to redistribute crucial Government portfolios?

“The Chief Minister needs to show some leadership and rule out any possibility of Dave Tollner being returned to Cabinet. It would be completely inappropriate for him to step off the backbench following his homophobic slur to a staff member coupled with his meltdown on radio last Friday in which he described the CLP parliamentary team as ‘a nest of vipers’. ”

Ms Lawrie said the divisions exposed by Mr Tollner’s radio performance when he described his CLP colleagues as a “back stabbing nest of vipers” would only get worse now that Adam Giles has snubbed three backbenchers who would have had their eyes on a Cabinet post.

“It’s an unreasonable predicament for hard-working public servants who never know from one day to the next who their Minister will be.

“The Chief Minister has failed the leadership test once again and sadly political stability cannot be restored until senior portfolios are assigned and the Cabinet post is filled.”

Media Contact:   Michael Gleeson   0400 096 924


Opposition Leader Delia Lawrie said the revolving door of CLP Deputy Chief Ministers had resulted in failed Education Minister Peter Chandler replacing Dave Tollner who didn't show up to the party room meeting.

"Mr Chandler is our fourth Deputy Chief Minister in two years and the CLP is starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel," Ms Lawrie said.

"Mr Chandler has botched the Lands and Planning portfolio with his Darwin Area Regional Plan and he's been a complete failure in Education, pretending 35 teachers were sacked when the real figure is more than 125.

"The CLP remain deeply divided but kept Adam Giles on as Chief Minister until after the Casuarina by-election.

Ms Lawrie said Adam Giles has the Treasury portfolio because it would have been ludicrous to give it to Mr Chandler who racked up a well publicised personal $100,000 credit card debt.

"You have to wonder why the CLP wing meeting didn't replace the vacancy in Cabinet. Is it to keep the job open for a Dave Tollner sweetener?

"Why didn't Dave Tollner attend tonight's meeting? What's the next installment of the CLP pantomime!"

Ms Lawrie said the CLP were an embarrassing joke and sadly for Territorians the pantomime continues.

Media contact:   Michael Gleeson   0400 096 924


Leader of the Opposition Delia Lawrie said business investment confidence is dropping as CLP Government paralysis enters another week.

"The leadership void and very public CLP parliamentary wing brawling leaves a trail of destruction that includes plummeting business confidence.

“The CLP has been a divided rabble since they were elected,” Ms Lawrie said.

“Territorians are wondering if the leadership will finally be settled at tomorrow's party wing meeting so that the paralysis which is damaging to everyone is dealt with."

Ms Lawrie said the deep divisions which were highlighted by former Deputy Chief Minister Dave Tollner on Friday were clearly unlikely to be truly resolved.

“It's clear the Government MLAs are a dysfunctional rabble and are unfit to govern given Mr Tollner’s description of them as a “nest of vipers”," Ms Lawrie said.

“The division comes from the top. The Adam Giles experiment as Chief Minister has been an abject failure and the CLP would be doing all Territorians a favour if they select an entirely new leadership team tomorrow,” Ms Lawrie said.

Ms Lawrie said consistent feedback is that Territorians are over this self-serving scandal-plagued CLP rabble and want a chance to go to the polls.

Media contact:   Michael Gleeson   0400 096 924


Opposition Leader Delia Lawrie today said the public brawling of the CLP has paralysed Government.

 During a visit to Galiwinku on Elcho Island to celebrate 40 years of bilingual education, Ms Lawrie deplored the deepening paralysis of Government.

 "Adam Giles has no leadership and can't even muster the support of his parliamentary colleagues," Ms Lawrie said.

 "The CLP party wing meeting on Monday will see more brawling and may result in a complete leadership spill.

 "The CLP are unfit to govern and it's unsurprising they are mired in scandals through their own behaviour.

 "Even today Dave Tollner is showing no remorse for his homophobic rant that saw him resign as Deputy Chief Minister last Friday. Now he is threatening to quit the CLP if not reinstalled on Monday."

 She said on radio today Mr Tollner made it clear he was prepared to quit the CLP Government when he said:

 “I want to see a bit of support for me from this team if you can call it that and if I don’t get it I don’t see how I can be a part of this team.

 “I’ve got a bunch of colleagues sitting behind me throwing knives in my back. I can’t operate in that environment. I can’t be a part of a party that doesn’t accept me and the work that I’m doing.”

 Ms Lawrie said Territorians deserved a Government who were focused on improved service delivery and fostering social and economic growth rather than being self-serving.

 "Many Territorians are now wondering whether we're headed for a general election or a few by-elections such is the deep crisis plaguing the Government," Ms Lawrie said.

 "We deserve better than the embarrassing CLP rabble."

 Media Contact:  Michael Gleeson   0400 096 924


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