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10 August 2016 - Labor Leader Michael Gunner and Shadow Minister for Senior Territorians Lauren Moss say a Labor Government will work hard to support senior Territorians and to keep seniors in the Territory with a new package of incentives released today.


“It is critical that we respect the contribution of our seniors and the role they will play into the future. We must keep our seniors.” Mr Gunner said.


“We believe that if the grandparents leave, then families with grandchildren will follow soon after.


“We also believe senior Territorians should be rewarded for their years of support for the Territory.


“That’s why Labor will introduce a seniors package that supports our Territorians staying in the Territory.


“The Labor package will include:


  • Bringing back concessions to reduce the cost of living to Territory seniors.
  • Better housing options in retirement
  • The opportunity to continue part time work in the public service.
  • Introduce more age friendly planning and
  • Act against elder abuse.


“Labor will restore senior concessions for the 3000 people knocked out by the CLP in 2014 to the value of $2.1 million.


“Labor will provide those people with $700 in a debit card every 2 years, allowing them to choose how they wish to spend it on items that reduce their cost of living.


“We are also committing a Labor Government to working with Treasury and seniors organisations to bring back relief for seniors on power and water costs.


“This is particularly the case for those people in retirement villages who have lost this concession because of the ownership structures of these residences.


“Labor will provide free bus travel to all senior Territorians who receive a seniors card or pensioner concession card.”


“These concessions will encourage senior Territorians to stay in the Territory. The past two years has seen weak population growth here in the Territory. Part of that is as a result of seniors moving down south.”


Michael Gunner and Lauren Moss said Labor will develop retirement villages in the rural area, Darwin’s inner suburbs, as well as in remote and regional centres.


“People want to retire in the area where they live.  In the Territory this is very difficult to do.


“Rural residents deserve better retirement options than what they have at the moment. Labor will work with the private sector and is prepared to provide the land for the establishment of this new village.


“The same applies in the Darwin inner suburbs and regional towns such as Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and Katherine.


“Labor will also support the development of culturally appropriate facilities such as those proposed by the Greek orthodox community.”


Michael Gunner and Lauren Moss also announced that Labor’s $1.1billion investment into remote housing will include housing for seniors.


“The importance of seniors continuing to be able to work will not be ignored by a Labor Government.


“We will undertake a joint project with the Commissioner for Public Employment to change working arrangements in the public service to accommodate older workers who wish to work part time hours,”


Labor has also committed to a coordinated approach to reporting elder abuse and supporting the victims of this abuse.


Click here for Labor's plan for Respecting Seniors




2016-17 $m

2017-18 $m

2018-19 $ m

2019-20 $m

Recurrent Funding





New Concessions Scheme

(costing Option 3)*





Elder abuse program

(funded from within)





Seniors within the work place.(funded from within.)





Free bus travel from 1 Jan 2017 (Alice Springs and Darwin)






*This assumes full take up of the benefits as opposed to the 75% costed by the CLP.

^ Assumes part year introduction.


MEDIA CONTACT: Cameron Angus 0404 021 192


21 July 2016 - Territory Labor has today reaffirmed its commitment to supporting children and families through the release of its disability policy.


Territory Labor’s $32 million commitment to increase the assessment of children with challenging behaviours, support alternative pathways to education and increase supports in the classroom will improve our response to disability in the community.


This significant announcement includes:


  • $32 million over 4 years has been allocated to provide specialist support for students with a disability and tackle challenging behaviours.  This includes:
    • Increased assessment of students to understand underlying issues
    • Alternative pathways that engage students, in and out of classroom
    • Provide additional support through teachers’ assistants and other support staff such as allied health staff
  • A full rollout of MindMatters, which will help schools tackle bullying and develop smart strategies to support students with a disability.
  • 20 scholarships per year to attract Territory teachers to improve their skills in teaching children with a disability, including for autism, dyslexia and Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. 


Territory Labor also reaffirmed that the Office of Disability within the Department of Health would be responsible for the planning and services development for Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.


“For too long, there has been a lack of willingness to accept responsibility for FASD in our community. Territory Labor accepts the challenge and will immediately commence the review and implementation of the Parliamentary Inquiry findings.” Ms Moss said.


“Territory Labor reaffirms its commitment to the NDIS through a dedicated Minister to oversee and work with the sector to make the transition as seamless as possible.


“Labor will establish a long term plan to enhance post school options for young Territorians with a disability. This includes but is not limited to education and employment options, and social and recreational programs.


“Acknowledging the reduced rates of people with a disability employed in the public service, Territory Labor will revise the Disability Employment Strategy and setting targets to achieve greater rates of employment throughout our society.


“In bringing back the Arafura Games, Labor will give para-athletes the opportunity to compete in an international sporting competition. We also hope the Arafura Games will once again be a recognized Paralympics qualifying event.”


Costings for Labor’s announcement are as follows:


Policy Initiative











Specialist support for Teachers, including MindMatters and Teacher scholarships





$32 million included in Education policy costings


** All other initiatives to be funded from within existing resources 


MEDIA CONTACT: Cameron Angus 0404 021 192 

Territory Labor to halve suicide rates in 10 years
Territory Labor to halve suicide rates in 10 years

20 July 2016 - Territory Labor Shadow Minister for Mental Health, Lauren Moss, pledged to halve the rate of suicide within the next 10 years in the Northern Territory.


As part of Territory Labor’s plan, we will:

  • Fund 30 nurses and 15 Aboriginal family support workers to roll out the Nurse Family Partnership program supporting more than 500 children and their families, supporting perinatal mental health of mothers and early childhood development.
  • Work with the Commonwealth to secure a headspace service in Katherine for young people with early onset psychosis. Katherine has been identified as an area of need and we will commit $150,000 towards the establishment of the service.
  • Provide $3 million to trial the implementation of the Housing Accommodation Support Initiative in Darwin, a partnership between the Department of Health, the Department of Housing and the NGO sector to provide support services. This trial will provide support and stability of tenancy to up to 200 people each year.
  • Partner with the tertiary education sector to offer 10 postgraduate scholarships per year for registered nurses and enrolled nurses who would like to specialise in mental health nursing.
  • Work with local communities and Aboriginal community controlled health organisations to improve identification and early response to the needs of people of people in community.


“These measures are vitally important to reducing a person’s risk of suicide and supporting families and communities in response to a suicide.


“Territory Labor recognises that there is significant pressure on our inpatient facilities, so Territory Labor will pilot the Housing Accommodation Support Initiative that will provide funding for the NGO sector to support up to 200 people with a mental illness within public housing.


“This is an evidence based program that can dramatically reduce readmission to hospital for patients, improve their quality of life by staying well, and that of their neighbours by having their mental health better managed with greater NGO support. It’s a simple program and extremely effective.”


Labor will ensure greater inclusion of the voices of those with lived experience in policy and service design and delivery.



Territory Labor will also provide scholarships to support mental health specialisation by registered and enrolled nurses and for Aboriginal Health Practitioners and Aboriginal Community Workers to specialise in mental health support and care.


Costings for Territory Labor’s policy are as follows:











Nurse Family Partnerships





$8 million 

Securing headspace for Katherine






Implementation of the Housing Accommodation Support Initiative





$3 million

Workforce Initiatives






** All other initiatives to be funded from within existing resources 


Media contact: Cameron Angus 0404 021 192


18 July 2016 - Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Lauren Moss, called on the CLP and the Chief Minister to stop their hurtful and damaging xenophobic rants.


Ms Moss said that while both parties are committed to taking in refugees, today the Chief Minister’s added qualifier that they should be selected based on faith creates a divide, perpetuates fear and promotes segregation.


“The Chief Minister is damaging the Territory’s reputation as one of the most successful multicultural locations in the world,” said Ms Moss.


“The Chief Minister’s comments should be condemned.”


Adam Giles and the CLP have a history of xenophobic comments which only serve destroy our Territory spirt.


“So the sting in the tail, we're taking potential dongas, we're taking potential demountables off disabled kids in Alice Springs to house scum asylum seekers in Christmas Island.”

Opposition Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Adam Giles – NT Parliament House, October 2009


“I think there is a high degree of xenophobia, but I think that is part of the Australian spirit.”

Chief Minister, Adam Giles – ABC Lateline, 1 June 2016


A Coalition (COUNTRY LIBERAL PARTY) MP in a marginal seat junked her how-to-vote cards on election eve, telling voters to direct preferences to the far-right, anti-multicultural Rise Up Australia Party.

ABC Online, 2 July 2016


“I said we'd be happy to take some of those persecuted Syrian women and families who were from a non-Muslim background.”

Chief Minister, Adam Giles – Mix FM, 18 July 2016


Media contact: Gino Luglietti – 0401 119 794


Opening A Youth Dialogue with India
Opening A Youth Dialogue with India

25 January 2016 - In line with Territory Labor’s policy of transparency in relation to travel Lauren Moss, Shadow Minister for Youth and Multicultural Affairs, today released details of her upcoming trip to India as an invited delegate of the Australia India Youth Dialogue.


“It is an honour to be invited to attend the Australian India Youth Dialogue as one of 15 Australian young leaders including politicians, media, business and arts representatives” said Lauren Moss.


“This is an invaluable chance to strengthen relationships with leaders in India and identify opportunities to further build partnerships for entrepreneurship and innovation.”


The dialogue will take place in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore between the 27th – 31st January, and Ms Moss will also be a co-panellist with politicians from both nations to share knowledge about addressing issues of critical importance, including safety, unemployment, and engagement in the political system.


“I welcome ideas and feedback from Territorians on opportunities that could be pursued in our relationship with India, and look forward to reporting on what was learnt when I return,” said Ms Moss.


“The Northern Territory has a vibrant Indian community, and I look forward to strengthening these ties.”


Ms Moss has engaged with a number of key youth and multicultural organisations on program topics and discussed details of this valuable opportunity so as to be well informed.


There will be ongoing engagement upon Ms Moss’ return to ensure continued work towards strengthening relationships, including a report to parliament.


The Australian Indian Youth Dialogue is covering most associated costs including internal transfers, accommodation, and $1,600 of the flight value return. The remaining cost for this trip is $463.97


View the full program details here: 



Media Contact: Gino Luglietti 0401 119 794


Giles must Audit Ministerial Travel
Giles must Audit Ministerial Travel

11 January 2016 - Territory Labor today called on Adam Giles to show leadership and order an independent audit into all ministerial travel which involved dealings with the disgraced Latitude Travel agency.


“It is critical to do a line by line check of all travel to ensure the Territory taxpayer is protected,” said Lauren Moss.


“The Chief Minister should want to get to the bottom of how many taxpayer dollars are owed back to the taxpayer, but to date Adam Giles has refused to act.


“Adam Giles has offered no explanation as to why he is not doing this.


“The courts have been told that Ministerial travel undertaken by Minister Price to New York contained inflated costs of around $13,500 when booked through Latitude Travel. On this basis alone Adam Giles must order an independent audit into all ministerial travel organised via Latitude Travel.


“Adam Giles must order this today or explain to Territorians why he is refusing to do it.


“Any independent audit into Ministerial Travel should include all dealing with Latitude Travel including the previous Labor Government’s time in office.  But clearly any investigation must also include the time the CLP has been in office from August 2012 to the present. Anything less would be simply absurd.


“The facts of the matter are that the corrupt and fraudulent dealings of Latitude Travel were uncovered during Adam Giles’ time in Government and a CLP Senior Adviser is up on corruption charges for dealings with Latitude Travel.


"If the Government has nothing to hide it will hold an independent investigation into ministerial travel booked through Latitude Travel.


“The CLP Government’s refusal to independently investigate overseas ministerial travel strongly indicates there is a culture of cover up.”



Media Contact: Gino Luglietti 0401 119 794


Giles must come clean on abandoning Community Housing Organisation
Giles must come clean on abandoning Community Housing Organisation

6 January 2016 - Territory Labor is calling for an explanation from the CLP Government after they cut the contract of an Indigenous owned and operated not-for-profit community housing organisation in Alice Springs.

“The Central Australian Affordable Housing Company (CAAHC) has lost its contract with the Department of Housing without any detail and that’s simply not good enough,” said Lauren Moss.

“The organisation has been successfully providing tenancy management services to town camps for approximately five years,” Ms Moss said.

“CLP Housing Minister, Bess Price, has had nothing but high praise for CAAHA. Just 5 months ago she said:

“The Central Australian Affordable Housing Company is held in high esteem through the local community and manages the seniors village at 19 Elliott Street, so they have the runs on the board”, Mrs Price said.

“In addition to sound management, the Central Australian Affordable Housing Company may be able to access additional rent revenue through Commonwealth Rent Assistance and connect tenants to additional services. The management of the complex includes rent and revenue collection, repairs, maintenance and tenancy management. – Bess Price, Press Release, 28 August 2015

“There are also local jobs at stake and for the CLP to cut the contract of a company without any reason is just not good enough. The CLP Government must be open and accountable,” said Lauren Moss.

“It appears on the surface that this latest cut by Adam Giles completely contradicts the Government’s own draft Housing paper, which promotes growing the community housing sector, a roll that CAAHC filled.

“If there is indeed a legitimate reason this contract was cut then Adam Giles should have no issue explaining to Territorians how and why this decision came about.”



Media Contact:  Gino Luglietti - 0401 119 794


​Territory Labor Welcomes NTCOSS childhood support framework
​Territory Labor Welcomes NTCOSS childhood support framework

17 December 2015 - Labor today wholeheartedly welcomed NTCOSS’ vision for a coordinated service system to promote child and family wellbeing.


“We congratulate the NGO sector in working together over an 18 month period to develop a framework that supports the wellbeing of children and families through early intervention and prevention support,” said Lauren Moss.


“The NGO sector has shown real leadership in developing a framework which reflects contemporary childhood development evidence and has considered the recommendations of numerous inquiries and reviews of child protection, health and disability services in the Northern Territory.”


Lauren Moss said Labor is committed with working in partnership with the NGO sector to achieve better outcomes for Territory children.


“Territory Labor recognises the importance of investing in universal health and education programs for all children aged 0-4 years and targeted services for vulnerable children and families to divert individuals and families away from child protection and justice systems,” said Lauren Moss.


“Labor’s Early Childhood policy paper Changing the Future released in August has already committed to re-organising Government’s focus to support each and every child to start school on an equal playing field.


“Establishing a Minister for Children and investing in pre-school programs, parenting support, improved universal health services, increasing our Aboriginal workforce, and NGO support for vulnerable families are key initiatives that Territory Labor will pursue.


“The great enabler for Labor’s policy plans is housing, that’s why Labor has outlined an extensive billion dollar program to improve housing and wellbeing for all Territorians.”


View or download a copy of Territory Labor’s policy paper on Early Childhood here:


View or download a copy of Territory Labor’s policy paper on Remote Housing here:



Media Contact: Gino Luglietti 0401 119 794

Youth Justice in Crisis under John Elferink
Youth Justice in Crisis under John Elferink

Lauren Moss

23 September 2015 - The failure to investigate serious allegations of mistreatment within the Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre is further evidence of a youth justice system which is spiralling out of control, Shadow Minister for Youth, Lauren Moss said today.

“Correctional Services Minister John Elferink’s complete lack of leadership and ‘head in the sand’ approach is indicative of an attitude that is allergic to transparency and accountability,” Ms Moss said.


“If the Attorney General isn’t up to the job, he should stand aside for someone who is.

“The Correctional Services Commissioner’s refusal to investigate incredibly serious allegation of mistreatment outlined at a forum on Monday is an appalling decision, and the Minister for Correctional Services should be making sure this occurs.

“Territorians have a right to know how children in the youth justice system are treated and what steps are being taken to ensure children are treated humanely.

“Mr Elferink must act on the advice of the Children’s Commissioner and ensure the appropriate investigations take place. Unfortunately his performance to date gives little faith that he takes these issues seriously.

“Under Mr Elferink’s watch we have seen disturbances at Don Dale jump from 5 in 2012 to 12 in 2014, a trend that seems to be continuing in 2015.

“Mr Elferink also sat on a Children’s Commissioner’s report for a month and has refused to provide a response to recommendations such as:

  1. The complete overhaul of orientation and training that is attached to staff personnel files and mandatory regular ongoing refresher training;
  2. That psychometric testing is used for recruitment;
  3. A complete review of every single position that works in a youth justice correctional setting;
  4. That the review of operational procedures actually adhere to the Youth Justice Act and the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child; and
  5. That youth justice develops a procedure on the use of spit hoods.


“It’s well and truly time for Mr Elferink to listen to the experts, and fix the crisis his approach to youth justice has created.”


Media Contact: Gino Luglietti 0401 119 794


Giles’ hand in your pocket to pay for CLP lies
Giles’ hand in your pocket to pay for CLP lies

21 September 2015 - Shadow Minister Lauren Moss today called on Chief Minister Adam Giles to repay funds which have been spent on a blatantly misleading and political smear campaign.


“It’s now clear that Adam Giles intends to use taxpayers money like it’s his own to fund a desperate spin and smear campaign, in clear breach of laws design to prevent such abuses of public money and trust,” Ms Moss said.


“Not only are the CLP using public funds to advertise their own political message they have now decided to use taxpayers’ money to fund attacks on other Members of Parliament.


“The fact that Adam Giles has now been forced to pull these advertisements is further evidence that the CLP knew that it was a complete fabrication of the truth and a waste of taxpayers’ money. That’s why I have today referred these advertisements to the Auditor General.


“Neither Territory Labor nor independent members of parliament blocked any laws. And to suggest anyone’s life has been put at risk is gutter politics at its best.


“We all know this government is sinking fast. The Chief Minister is a minority leader in a minority government, lacking any authority or leadership.


“If any integrity remains in this Government the Chief Minister must immediately answer the following questions:

  • Who approved the expenditure of taxpayers’ money on blatantly false, offensive and partisan advertising?
  • Why didn’t the advertisement contain the appropriate authorisation?
  • When will the CLP be reimbursing Territorians for this gross misuse of taxpayer money?


“Now he’s thrashing around attempting to smear everyone. It’s time for this abuse to stop,” Lauren Moss said.


“This smear campaign is about trying to cover up for the appalling performance of his Parliamentary team.


“It’s a campaign based on the lowest possible political tactics. It reinforces the fact that the people of the Territory just cannot trust this government.”



Media contact: Ella Maguire 0408 773 647


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