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What We Believe In


Being a member of the ALP is a commitment.

It’s a commitment in time and in effort. But it’s also a commitment in spirit, and if necessary, courage, to stand up for what you believe in.

The ALP is a dynamic mix of branch members, representatives of affiliated unions and our elected representatives.

What we make of it is up to us. Conference is the supreme governing body of the Party in the Northern
Territory. It is not just an opportunity for branch members and affiliated unions to hear from our elected representatives, although this is an important part of Conference’s role. It’s also the time when the policies of our party are exposed for debate and decision.

Policies are like the engine of a car; they need to be tuned up from time to time to keep them running well.
The role of those policies is what distinguishes Labor from its opponents in the political process. Contrasted
to the personality politics of our conservative opponents, it’s clear that it is Labor that sets the agenda
in Australian politics.

Labor has a long tradition, going back over a hundred years. It is a tradition of cooperation between the trade union movement and the Party. All of us hold that tradition as a sacred trust from the past generations, as well as for those of the future. With the Labor Party in government in most states and territories, as well as federally, it is important that we maintain our role as the party of ideas and of activism.

Territorians have every reason to feel optimistic about the future. The Labor Party shares their optimism because the things which are important to Territory families, the things Territorians value, are important to the Labor Party.

This is why Labor will continue putting jobs for Territorians first because a rewarding, well-paid job underpins a great lifestyle. Every Territorian should be able to find a good job no matter where they live.

We will continue to fight for a world-class education system which allows our students to compete with the best from Australia and overseas, because Labor believes every child deserves the best possible start in life and an education which allows them to be the best they possibly can.

We will fight to transform our health system, ensuring Territorians get the care they need when they need it. Nothing is more important to the Labor Party than the health and wellbeing of our people.

We will work to win back trust in the bush, our aim is to build and resource our regional and remote communities to bring opportunity to those Territorians who live outside major centres.

We will continue to work to keep our streets and communities safe and secure because the great Territory
lifestyle, a lifestyle which has brought people here from across Australia and around the world, is worth protecting and preserving.

Whilst the world continues to change rapidly and we are constantly adapting to the challenges of a dynamic high-tech global economy, these priorities, these core Labor goals, have not changed and will not change.