Sandra Nelson

Sandra and her family left Timor in 1975 at the height of the civil war, and were granted permanent residency in Australia in 1977. The family first settled in Sydney before Sandra moved to the Territory in 2012. Sandra has a 16 year old son.

Sandra has served as an active duty soldier, worked in the transportation industry, before moving on to local government work in Western Australia, work with the United Nations, and now works in the health and legal sector in Katherine.

Sandra’s professional career has focused on community development. Sandra has previously worked as the Executive Officer of Katherine Women's Information & Legal Services and is a member of the Katherine YMCA board. She has worked with the Stronger Smarter Sisters Committee. Through her work in the community legal sector and health sector, Sandra has also served on community advisory panels that focused on domestic and family violence. Sandra is passionate about social justice, community development and empowerment, and the environment.

Sandra is committed to helping to build capacity for Katherine to continue growing, gain control for the future, and to improve the lives for future generations of residents of Katherine. Sandra firmly believes that this is attainable with strategic planning, strong leadership, positive collaboration and commitment.

Sandra is committed to bringing a remote and regional presence to Territory politics, and to doing everything that is possible to ensure a vibrant, healthy and economically prosperous future for Katherine. Sandra will be a positive and strong voice for the Katherine community and region, and hopes to do so in NT Parliament, if elected.

Sandra is of Timorese-Portuguese descent and speaks two languages. Due to her diverse background, Sandra quickly developed a very strong affinity for Katherine, with its more than 6 languages spoken, and diverse mix of culture and ethnicities. 

Shop 1, 56 Katherine Terrace, Katherine NT 0850
PO Box 1294, Katherine NT 0851
Email: electorate.katherine@nt.gov.au
Phone: 08 8973 8461

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