Scott McConnell

Scott was born at Willowra Station in the Northern Territory and spent his childhood at Napperby Station. He grew up with people from the Anmatjere language group.

When he joined the workforce in Alice Springs, he realised that the skills and experience of Aboriginal people were not recognised as being of major benefit and that all people did not therefore receive equal opportunities.  This early personal experience has driven his ambition to spend his career striving for equity of opportunity.  He has been driven by a need to create a working environment where people from all backgrounds and cultures are able to develop their full potential, work collaboratively and sustain employment.

He has worked as a Park Ranger with the Department of Parks and Wildlife, with Aboriginal enterprises at Amata Community, at Ikuntji Community Council, and was proud to serve as joint CEO of the Ingkerreke and Ngurratjuta/Pmara Ntjarra Aboriginal Corporation.

He remains passionate about helping to build capacity for remote communities to develop and take control of their futures, and improve lives for generations to come.  He considers this to be attainable through strategic planning and strong, positive collaboration, not merely consultation.

For these reasons, he has decided it is time to step forward into the public arena and put himself forward as a candidate for the Australian Labor Party in the upcoming Northern Territory Government election. He is focussed on ensuring access to jobs, economic development, a good education and decent housing and healthcare are available for all Territorians, wherever they live.

It is vital that everything possible is done to ensure a vibrant, economically prosperous future for all Territorians, and giving a stronger, positive voice to the regions and remote communities.

Alice Springs: Lot 93, Tenancy 2/51 Todd Mall, Alice Springs NT 0870
Phone: 08 8951 5568
Katherine: Shop 2A Katherine Oasis Centre, Katherine NT 0850
Email: electorate.stuart@nt.gov.au
Phone: 08 8971 1955

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